Adsense on Ali mother conspiracyDo Taobao passengers need traffic more traffic needs transformation


many, I did not express, did not write out, but simply said, and I hope you readers understanding

I think mom is now off to earn money by Taobao to support employees, promotion data Ali mother has not made public the Taobao customer now, that is because Ali mother from the promotion to a commission to get off the success of Taobao at

second, difficulty in general words: choose the difficulty of general word can ensure more quickly achieve good rankings, such words have search volume, there must be the conversion rate, and the extension number can not be too much, otherwise do not too much significance. Such words, first of all, to study your peers, to see why people will choose such words, more research, more contrast, and finally make their own decisions.

I used to be a webmaster in Ali’s mother, and then why did I quit? That’s because Ali’s mom hung up with integrity and hung up in public and didn’t know how much she did… And, mom has always been out of contact with anyone, rarely listen to suggestions from the webmaster, mom started to now do not know how many owners abandoned, Ali mother now why so many owners fail, why leave? Because Ali mother forgot how to start the taobao, Ali mother put this platform as taobao to me, finally I hope mom can do, can

begins straight to the point… Have you thought of Ali mother now profitable where? Ali mother rely on to feed employees?

the most important way to obtain traffic is keyword optimization, and if you choose bad keywords, then the site will be difficult. Because most Taobao customers are part-time, not full-time, there is not enough time to write soft Wen and bubble BBS, most webmaster will do SEO through keywords to get traffic from search engines. Keywords if the choice is bad, there is almost no hope. Here are some ways to share Keywords:

to eat!

flow is the core step, but the flow is not representative of Everything will be fine. have good transformation, achieve profit is the purpose. Some webmasters use keywords N every day can bring much traffic, or go to the forum also attract a lot of traffic, but the traffic is not necessarily useful?! so the whole site need to do SEO optimization, page clean and tidy, beautiful and true feelings to text, and between the lines to carry advertisements, to be very soft. To grasp the psychology of women. Each article is best to bring pictures advertising, the conversion rate to reach the maximum. In addition, web speed must be awesome, if you use a foreign space, and domestic users access to your site has been a bit difficult, you will be a lot of. The effect on the website conversion are very large, should not be underestimated.


many webmaster know Ali mother’s plot, but so far no one said, just don’t do Taobao customer. Many Taobao customers through their own promotion link purchased items, but there are few successful commissions?? as long as the Taobao customer response to Ali mother customer service, customer service staff will say "system the investigation, after 3 working days to put money back to Taobao off, ridiculous, Ali mother so high levels of technical personnel, how to continue to appear the omission phenomenon? Is the low level of technology or intentional


traffic chapter

first, the best choice for a lot of personal website: generally have 2-3 keywords, keywords and I choose only one reason to choose one there are two, one is the time to focus on a word above, so the effect will be better, two is the short title, then the weight of individual words naturally higher. Some webmaster worry about whether it will reduce traffic, this is not necessarily. You have a keyword to do, and the flow will not be less, but 2 keywords than second pages to flow higher. Must not be too greedy, as the saying goes, "small market big market" is this truth.

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conversion chapter

Taobao guest is the first choice of many webmaster, I am also one of them. Done so long, my biggest sentiment is the two key points, the first is traffic, and the second is traffic conversion, if you have good flow, and without transformation, it is futile. The conversion rate of less than 3% indicates that the web into a certain problem, in addition, if the blind pursuit of the details, not a lot of traffic, is empty, so today I summarize the valuable experience of more than a year to share with you, we also welcome more exchanges.