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that time, I had a conflict with my mother. My mother strongly forced me to take the civil service exam, and I was furious against her.

but I chose not to listen to the old words, she only want to go to university.

nest in the home, or out of battle,

observation of Deng Feng’s investment case, it is easy to see that the United States, the group, Huada, big genes, Drive.ai and other enterprises are science and technology driven enterprises. Such enterprises are the focus of the northern lights. He has his own opinion about the development of science and technology in the future.

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, for investors, the biggest hole is not able to identify these "technical coat" under the enterprise. Therefore, it is important to judge whether it is valuable or not before application. For entrepreneurs, finding the application areas of technology, and understanding of technology, partners or team support is also critical.

AI seems to be the track for Deng Feng. In the track to achieve the most important is to start from the application, and secondly, artificial intelligence needs big data and its complement each other, through their own unique data to build things.

I didn’t do very well in high school, especially in math, and I often failed. My overall results are generally in three, forty after. With this achievement, want to go to university is almost impossible.

was admitted to the University on the eve of mother suddenly gave me a message, saying is big uncle as a town cadres, a little relationship, mother asked me to go to the civil service exam, said that as long as has been written, with big uncle, can be admitted.

in order to heart that lofty university dream, I put into the extremely hard learning.

"talking to a lot of Tech investors is a headache, and it’s more Virgo than Virgo."." Once an entrepreneur complained.

have successfully found the job of a teacher.

I am a normal student. My major is ideological and political education. Our future career direction has basically been doomed to become a high school political teacher.

with this threshold, companies can go far, investors can also get higher returns. But it’s easy to run into traps. For example, some enterprises in "technical coat", under the banner of "science and technology moat" banner, but there is no substantive application or technology failed to reach the application level.

I’m also rushing about for work, but >

finally, mother gave in. She gave in to my wishes.

I don’t have much confidence in my college entrance examination, and my parents don’t have much confidence either.

mother and several neighbors with their decades of experience, I was admitted to the civil service tirelessly counsel, once, is how good.

in September 1999, I successfully admitted to the Xiangtan Teachers College now Hunan University of Science and Technology.

technology is a combination of technology and different industries and application scenarios, such as the combination of artificial intelligence and finance, the combination of artificial intelligence and unmanned driving. This field requires higher entry thresholds for entrepreneurs and investors.

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became a college student, and for the first time changed my life.

entrepreneurs expect savvy investors to give advice and give money. And picky, seems to be entrepreneurs in the eyes of dedicated investment, technology driven enterprises investors pronoun.


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Deng Feng is really picky when choosing investment projects".

"the future of science and technology is mainly two big blocks, one is big data, artificial intelligence, IOT and other represented IT field, one is biological medicine, life science."." Deng Feng does not chase "tuyere", just watch the trend. "When the wind comes out, then throws late, must grasp the general trend. Artificial intelligence, for example."

I have a good habit of gambling without playing cards. Spring Festival home to pay New Year’s calls, many relatives will be surrounded by a table gambling, gambling big bet small, bustling. I never join in the excitement, which gives people a feeling of antipathetic.

he has talked about the northern lights on three occasions: "the assets are too heavy, the companies that do not innovate do not vote; the areas where they do not know do not vote; the founders have great moral hazard.".

although I knew my hopes of going to college were slim, I decided to gamble. I was thinking that if I failed, I would go down south to work in Guangdong.

but there is always a college dream in my heart. I am eager to live in the legendary "good" College life.

test University, or civil service exam,

but deep in my personality lies the ingredient of gambling. This component plays an important role in many stages of my life and influences my life.

began to look for a job last semester.

mentioned the future of venture capital and the potential pit, Deng Feng said, "there are more opportunities for investment in the future, more funds, enter the price."

on that day received a university admission book, I cried, gave the heart out of the depressed.

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has missed some of the projects because he is "picky.". But the benefits of "nit picking" are obvious". And the northern lights have been on a steady course.