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Netscape co-founder, a well-known Silicon Valley investor Mark · Anderson Marc Andreessen said on his investment in mobile software developers ItsOn $15 million 500 thousand deal: "we think this is an important project."


foreign media recently published article said that Netscape co-founder, a well-known Silicon Valley investor Mark · Anderson has led to the mobile software developer ItsOn has invested 15 million 500 thousand dollars, he was optimistic about the founding team of the company, and that the company must exist, the reason is that the mobile business "free for all" era has come to an end, and ItsOn is trying to take a creative approach to make the mobile network have become profitable and can be maintained, but also for consumers to maintain a fair price.

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, but first of all, Anderson’s recent investments in Silicon Valley startups are divided into three levels, because his investment agenda is becoming more crowded. The first level is, startups can actually get the cash, this should of course be many start-up companies most concerned about; the second level is more than the media, he agreed to accept a reporter’s telephone interview, he discusses the investment transaction; third level is, he will be the public appearance above the bold remarks the.

also needs to point out that ItsOn is different from other companies under Anderson’s Vc firm, Anderson, ·, and Horowitz Horowitz Andreessen. The company in the mobile infrastructure industry, it is such a complex company, that after a secret development of four years to reach the current level, finally ready for large-scale commercial operation. For many Silicon Valley start-ups today, this time span is longer than they are from being born to being bought.


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in other words, in Anderson’s investment outline, ItsOn is close to the top of his most competitive company directory.

ItsOn has reinvented how operators charge mobile services and what consumers can pay for the use of these services. The goal of the company is to do two things, and the two thing is supposed to be not compatible: on the one hand, ItsOn hopes to allow operators to make more money; on the other hand, ItsOn also hopes to save money for the end consumer. We’ll try to find out how these two can happen together.

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