Pay a total return do stand 25 days members break through 500

today is May 31st, as of today, through the site of the audit has reached 500 users. Probably a lot of people say 500 is too small, nothing to show off.

yes, 500 is a small number, but we’re proud of that number. Since its launch in May 7th, the ugly rat chain has rejected too many stations for the purpose of creating the cleanest and most valuable exchange chain. With pornography, viruses, popups, advertising stations have been rejected by us. If all stations are allowed to join us, our franchise will be at least 2 times more than it is now.

in order to "clean" these three words, we paid a lot, and the good news is that we have QQ group members unanimously support, we thank all the members of the Union for our support and encouragement.

a lot of people don’t understand us, and we’ve explained it over and over again. We can’t change our thinking for the sake of a rush of traffic. Our webmaster is also doing other stations, we also deeply understand the pursuit of traffic flow psychology.

"ugly rat chain – to build the cleanest traffic platform," which we advertised. Admin5, Chinaz, 51.LA, etc., to see all of us billion website advertising, our advertisements and content and page length on the "clean" two words, this is our place is out of the ordinary, we really want to do.

in order to refuse bad sites to join, we set up members to report incentives, has received a number of members of friends reported a web site with viruses, we have taken measures. At the same time, we are also through the QQ link is not suitable for joining our station, please promptly delete our code, so as not to bring losses to both sides.

ugly mouse chain to create the most clean, clean, and most valuable flow swap, trading platform. This is what we always adhere to, and we are doing, and later to do it,