Light blog survivor NetEase LOFTER after the transformation picture social how to walk through comme

ocean light blog originator Tumblr is popular, let the domestic in 2011 after the emergence of a number of imitators, the more famous companies including Sina’s little net, Xu Zhaojun created a Qing blog, pushed him, grand NetEase LOFTER.


however, light blog this form of products in the domestic development is completely unable to emulate Tumblr: little net in November 2012 to stop updating the first half of 2013, the grand project pushed him quietly disbanded, the Sina Qing blog in June 30, 2015 formally.

, with the closure of the Sina Qing blog, NetEase LOFTER has become the only "Survivor" of the domestic light blogging application". But after 5 years of "light blogging" after the precipitation, the NetEase LOFTER product form also completed the transformation application to social picture in the imperceptibly, and try to explore the commercial mode of picture taking image as the core of social networking platform.

uses commercial electricity to open commercial gate

social interest genes based on the original design, produced a lot of works in the LOFTER domain, but also accompanied by the birth of "a large number of aesthetic consumption demand, the NetEase of Hangzhou Research Institute Director Wen Min said the blog.

in the face of these needs, Wen Min said that the electricity supplier LOFTER NetEase will integrate the electricity supplier supply chain advantage, to "life aesthetics consumption platform" as the core, to create "interest Master + + fans" community, explore new business model of a community and pan designer brand combination.

According to the introduction of LOFTER

min, the electricity supplier is mainly divided into three parts, LOFTER ART, LOFTER LOFTER mall prints, they cover different consumer levels and areas of interest, which is also in order to meet the creators of the multi realizable demand.

among them, LOFTER mall will become the main battlefield of "life aesthetics consumption". It is understood that the product will contain SKU LOFTER mall’s independent designer brands, artist LOFTER ART, joint models such as art aesthetics of life related products involved in the field of photography, travel, delicacy, beauty, fashion etc..

LOFTER ART LOFTER is the first to serve the high-end original user’s exploration, but also the first step in the LOFTER electricity supplier model exploration, the main way is achieved through the sale of the author’s goods realized. In the early stage of LOFTER ART more inclined to photography, illustration and design of user, the category selected only picture frames and postcards, but then there will be more LOFTER the life of the product line, will also introduce the ART service to the two dimension, and travel and other users in the field of delicacy.

LOFTER prints are personalized pictures for all users