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, you probably haven’t heard of it. To tell you the truth, this is the first time I’ve heard it, because I didn’t appear on the Internet in June this year. It’s my original creation. Why do you create this word? It’s connected to my career. I help people with weddings, festivals, funerals, and amateur ads for VCD or DVD. What’s the name of this industry? Film and television production is too professional. Compact disc production is too narrow. Perhaps it is an inspiration, and it is called visual editing. As the series, is video editing, we do not have too many ideas into, simply input the customer’s video, and then simple soundtrack, the credits of the processing can be defensive. Guest, can be said to be too much sweat concentration, countless sleepless self mockery.

remembers entering the industry for the first time in 02 years. At that time, there was a computer in the family, and a man nearby just had a DV machine, which was specially designed for people to help with photography. He asked me to help him do VCD. So I bought a DV acquisition card and a CD player and started to help him do it alone. Because VCD is the first time, so very hard, often to do a VCD, take a day, really hard. I don’t know the price for a VCD charge. I asked him, "how much do you charge?" he said, usually the original 30 yuan, 20 yuan duplicate edition. Then, as you said, 30 yuan. Think about it, I was not too honest, really is 30 yuan a set? At that time, the price maintained for 4 years.

how much revenue can you make if you’re so efficient? $30 a day, and it doesn’t happen every day. It has a peak season and a low season. Season do not come, the off-season and idle panic! Even when relatively small business, can manage it, I also felt the crisis. What if there’s another one? Two more?……

so I spend all my spare time on how to improve my efficiency.

first thought about getting a shelf and then putting the video in. That’s the template later. I didn’t know the template at that time. Because I am in the countryside, the information is underdeveloped. Indeed, I am working in that direction. But also gradually collect some material, including those pirated VCD, generally see more suitable for the opening of the material, the VCD content all copied to the computer, and then clip software cut open, archive up.

because I was in the relatively remote location, coupled with the new, so as to compete with the county made guest. Fortunately, we had a radio station in the town, and the VCD was usually played on the radio. The radio has a lot of publicity. One after another the other person to do my photography where the tape.

has done so many people and so many natural demands. First, can you do MTV?. That is, a song with video, with color subtitles below. I said yes, but I knew that I didn’t know how to do it. The customer left, all through the night.