How do get more free traffic

I am a novice, I was always a half knife webmaster, in the 08 year of June on a whim to engage in their own website, so do my IQ 250 [network] was born, after that day I like many webmaster, every day will do is. Update and everywhere leave link, but I found this way, the traffic is very small, but feel gratified is PV good, IP is of good quality.

remember the site just on the line to the advertising alliance to register, advertising, want to make money, but in fact do website IP 09 years only 200, is really pitiful! Not to mention money! But I also understand, perhaps the main reason is the inevitable result I often change the site theme and cause and now I finally understand the meaning of "theme".

in order to do this site, I put a lot of energy, of course, I will not use pay advertising, there is only one reason, I do not have money,

so I started looking at all kinds of ways to get free web traffic,

from the beginning of the 09 second half of the year has left their footprints in each big website, of course, as long as the proper methods, I believe that like me half a knife webmaster can easily get thousands of traffic.

below is my often leave footprints, and the effect of good web site, share out, give you novice reference.

first: Tianya problem, the end of the world come, Tianya Forum (get good, one day, thousands of traffic, every problem, and very stable, I stand 70% from the end of the world)

this is a key area, because relatively speaking at present, the management of the outer world is relatively loose, so we should take the time to make a proper promotion to this key area.

in the end of the world, posting links to stay skills:

you can use a permanent account promotion, the use of an account, must pay attention to, do not diffuse the release, so that any site can not tolerate. Use the vest is a good method, as long as you can Nairang they don’t know that you are a registered user, you can rest assured bold, a vest of some hair, then never.

links in the Tianya post form reference:

, you have to choose the content related to your website to publish, so that the quality of the IP is relatively high. For example my site main push [Zhike Gallery], [] because I Zhike gallery is mainly based on the beautiful pictures, and pictures to some relevant column to publish links, not too much,

Tianya posting specific example:

sb to a picture, you can send the pictures to you: "in [] Zhike gallery I saw, you can go to the next, but no water.