Small network companies can develop without individual webmaster

personal webmaster, the biggest wish may be one day, your website can become the network company operation. But, as the webmaster of personal website, is it also rational to think about, those network company web site than the personal webmaster cattle? Once I like Mop, also very like Chinaz. Yes, every day, and then they slowly commercialized into the company, and now I just think about it once in a while and go back and see how much they’ve been ruined.

I’m sure to tell you that the two tier cities operating local websites are not rivals for personal websites at all. As an article says: "because the website is the company, 8 hours a day, time to work, after work, no one will stop the website.". And individual stationmaster, everyday brain is website, because the website is oneself, when having dinner, think of, can be implemented at night, so fight ability is strong. Network companies because of the nature of the company, public relations, entertainment, a lot of traffic is not necessarily up how much. The flow does not go up, let’s talk about it tomorrow, go out to have a meal today. Personal webmaster site did not access the amount, and a minute later will begin to study ways to improve traffic. If the network company employees working overtime, than a complain, but not many personal webmaster is to sleep before 0. So personal website has combat effectiveness.

many Internet companies also disregard individual Adsense, think they are guerrillas, absolutely not. Unfortunately, the real ability tough individual webmaster also absolutely do not want to go. Their website earns much more than the $one thousand or two thousand earned by the Internet company. The monthly income reached more than 10 thousand yuan more than the individual owners, or Internet companies want to hire hire, a lot more low-key. Make a big fortune. Even if a monthly income like me is not too much, let me go to the Internet company, I have to think about it. Even if I now earn hundreds yuan, I sacrifice personal liberty and time, and once in the company, restrictions and fetters too much, will also have many adverse effects on thinking and creativity.

wrote yesterday and the day before yesterday that an individual webmaster should not rely on an advertising alliance or gamble on a web site. Sometimes, when your website really can not protect your life, to the Internet company employment is also a choice. In one way, I agree that if you can’t create, then go and get involved. Sometimes, the ability of the team will make you improve faster and know more.

if the small network company website to develop, then recruit some personal webmaster, your company must be of great help, the degree is not high than those of high degree of individual stationmaster recruit MBA to be much more effective. In September 1999, the Alibaba website was established, Ma said publicly, "entrepreneurs can only serve as company commander and below positions, Colonel class above all by MBA."". Over the next few years, the Alibaba hired more MBA, including MBA at Harvard and Standford, as well as domestic universities