Emotion 10 years return to the road of the network

96 years in the Beijing University, the network was very far away from us, the first to the school computer room with Netscape browser on BBS, feel very magical, after graduation, turn a lot of software companies, software companies are dealing with the surface of computer and network, but the company is actually a world of difference, the essence of software company is a traditional industry, products and sales, in fact, not too much innovation, follow the prescribed order that an individual in the creative industry is repressed, in that industry atmosphere, as an engineer, the vision is very limited and can only see the technology development three acres on the field, now see a lot of engineer or marketing staff transition from the software industry to the network industry, happy for them, I did not deliberately want to belittle the software industry, with it, maybe just not People like me are there to grow.

in the software company for almost 5 years, in fact, the Internet has missed a lot of opportunities to develop, think, from 96 to 2005, the Internet industry ups and downs, upside down, in 2000 once the depression, also let many people suspect that this industry will last, but insisted on the digging should now have a modicum of success. 2007, I worked in a real network company, although still engaged in technical work, but already some industry knowledge, fuzzy understanding to the Internet such as positioning, promotion, product planning, profit model and so on, until 2008 4, May, suddenly feel able to begin to understand the Internet, positioning, promotion business model, string up thinking, there has been a need to start the practice of feeling, very fast, buy space, take the site, together, the past six months, the hand has 3 sites, a blog, a forum, a navigation station, after all, are all rough but, people still optimistic, should also insist on doing it, after all, through years of learning, workplace, social experience, build team ability still had to go, then, years of accumulated Tired, or have some start-up capital, see a lot of young webmaster even students still to buy space and domain shilly-shally in Admin5, at least this is not too many obstacles, once the model has been optimistic about the market test, have stable traffic, can immediately to build a team to focus on investment.

is up more than 5 years of software industry career, from the initial VB programming, a way of using Java, VC, PHP and other mainstream languages, all kinds of framework, the transition to the Internet, can quickly adapt to the network programming, this is due to the accumulation of years of technology, it is more important now. One station, the basic technology is no obstacle, the market all kinds of mainstream software or web site, can be inverted to launch the realization of them. Technical background is a double-edged sword, it is easy to get lost in the first, I also hold a website is very simple attitude, always want to write out what a line, then use the framework of some open source, feel no need to do.