Business must read Secrets of business success

business must read: the secret of success in business

— Talking about the role change of entrepreneur from four factors of productivity

what is entrepreneurship,


creates a career. Business is the system. Entrepreneurship is the creation of systems.

What are the four elements of

‘s success or failure?

The four elements of

‘s success or failure are productivity. The four elements are labor force, tool power, natural force and integration force. The corresponding concrete things are producers, production materials (production tools), production objects (environment and nature) and production integrators (system integrators).

what’s the secret of entrepreneurial success?

uses the integration force to integrate the three forces of labor, tools and natural forces into a resultant force, creating an organic value adding system, and giving each force a stage where potential values can be brought into play.

What role does

entrepreneurs play in entrepreneurial activities?

entrepreneurs are the role of a system integrator. Create value added systems, optimize the system structure, stimulate the potential value of various productivity factors, keep the system sustainable and mature, and finally automate fully.

How many levels and levels does integration of

system integrators use?

There are four realms and levels in the integration of

system integrator.

‘s first state is against humanity, and the lowest level is violence, violence and control. The use of force to yield and obey, threatening the physical and mental health of man at all times, puts people in fear. This is the power behind the money society, the hidden strategy, often faces ugly faces.

the second realm is the lure of interest, the control of wealth. Let people live in the edge of life and death, often facing the helplessness and embarrassment of life, and listen to the wealth of the mercy and make fun of, so that people in the greedy desire for wealth. This is the main strategy of money society, hypocritical face.

third realms are spiritual belief and information transparency. Everything is like water, everywhere is flat. Information transparency, equal opportunities, no intentional barriers, freedom of life for all, unconditional guarantees. To make the best use of everything, everyone is most willing to do, doing things you love to do things, create infinite value.

The fourth realms of

are the perfect realm of system operation, but the realm of inaction. Do nothing but do nothing. The integration of invisible and untraceable. Eliminate all non value negative value of wasted limitation and interpersonal conflicts disappear. Let things naturally do, let everyone free to play their proper role.

what are the changes in the role of entrepreneur at different stages of entrepreneurship?

From the early days of

, the company has the dual roles of producers who participate in specific details and the integration of system integrators, from the latter part of the entrepreneurship to the repetitive