Adsense Trading Forum upgrade Discuz 7 popular

February 11, 2009, stationmaster net’s stationmaster Trade Forum ( is successful upgrade, correcting. The forum upgrade, using Discuz, 7 built, the upgraded forum system running in good condition.

stationmaster website long diagram Wang expresses in forum, stationmaster Trading Forum upgrades very smoothly. The upgrade, Adsense Trading Forum not only fancy Discuz, 7 of the system compatibility and functional ease of use, more attention to the system, can meet the day posting more than 500 thousand of the powerful load capacity.

in the revision, the webmaster Trading Forum reduces advertising and signature on the user’s interference, more prominent in the BBS of the value of information, so that information can not be complicated signature to block. The upgraded forum posts, registered members find the target theme become easier to use, so that the information in the forum to pass more smoothly. Allows users to more quickly and easily find the information they need. According to user response, the revised forum is more flexible, experience is better, praised by the vast numbers of users.


webmaster Trading Forum upgrade

previously, figure King considered intermediary trading system, but eventually gave up. Because the system perfectly has loopholes, if these vulnerabilities are some unscrupulous elements, the consequences will be very serious, the Discuz forum! Do intermediary effect of feeling good, tens of thousands of transactions, the error rate is almost zero. At the same time, Wang said, do not waste too much time on the technical aspects of running websites. Like UCenter, Comsenz launched Discuz! Home (UCHome), SupeSite program is easy to use and strong. The most important thing for webmasters is to promote their websites. Just like some well-known advertisements, let thousands of people know your website brand and know your products.

After the upgrade and revision of

, Admin5 is full of confidence in the development of the forum. He said that after the revision of the webmaster Trading Forum opened points exchange function, so that points and prizes, gifts, points and transactions linked, will be more conducive to the development of the forum.