How to hit the brand the latest movie site caveolae experience sharing

must have done the movie station webmaster all know, now the movie site as before 97 years, 98 years to do the site, so easy to do, and now more and more 90 also joined the webmaster industry. Especially the picture station and movie station this piece especially many, all thought that can do the station to be able to start an undertaking, all follow the trend to make the fast broadcast movie website. The last time I wrote this article in the A5 " movie called again; nest one and a half months of SEO optimization experience sharing " at the time of writing is full of CMS open source system, popular with Marx CMS, Feifei film program (ADNCMS), search a CMS these programs are free. You can easily create your favorite movie site in a few minutes.

said, actually, 97,98, Nora has just started promotion, Nora player to so quickly popular. Even replace the storm image that is popular in the past, be because of a large number of these grass roots stationmaster’s support. A large number of fast film owners increased, users have also installed a fast broadcast player, but also slowly accepted the Nora player.

When the 2009

movie station was very crazy, can be said to be like a hornet’s nest, at this time I made a small movie. There was no experience at that time. Blindly collecting films, that many movies, you can enjoy everyone’s attention and attention. In this way, my film will be able to do the flow. Innocent, I’ve been making movies for months before I know how easy it is to say. So began to learn SEO everywhere, learn from everywhere, slowly I understand, do not do for yourself. It’s for users, and only when users love your site can your site really be welcomed. Users will often come to your website to see movies.

in the first half of 2010. The film can be said to be full of bumps, really feel like the same monk experienced 9981 difficult! The film experienced web site included a small hurricane, down to a career, a website is linked to the horse, a site was attacked, a web site into the sandbox, a website snapshot backwards, a server unstable site open Baidu drop right,


in the second half of 2010 from the beginning of the epidemic to buy the chain, also with the wind out of money to buy the chain, listen to them to buy the chain can make the website weight, so to find a few sold outside the chain of business cooperation, also bought a lot of chain. The beginning of a few weeks, and the results can not see the effect, so you did not buy out of the chain can get up, search engines are not stupid.

later listen to a buddy, he is doing SEO, he told me that the ranking is not on the chain up, there are many factors, the site wants to make the flow, it is necessary to enhance the overall weight of the site. Not only by the chain so simple. He looked at my website and said it was too small. First of all, you have to solve the problem of website collection. Internal optimization should be done well. In fact, most of the time, it’s not another problem