Group buying has become the plight of the past group buying nets know how much

group purchase has become the past? Experienced hundred regiments, the regiment saw Yao wins wonderful, but can not see the network group purchase dilemma, in fact caused by network group purchase such a situation more or the following elements, then the author will talk about the network group purchase operations, to a site to do something advice.

first: website program low threshold, buy nets flocked to

is a network group purchase program hundreds of pieces of money can do, such a low threshold, let me think of that year Taobao, that year Taobao guest or API, a program of tens of dollars, let Baidu with numerous API page, so only the Baidu in June 2010 the K page, some industry threshold is too low, there will be a negative effect, that is the truth. An industry should have a benchmark for the industry, when every day out of several web sites containing group purchase has gone for ever, we are left with endless space, sighing every day now by fold away, when there is no fire when an industry, whether you can calm down and view a look at the


second: positioning is not clear, buy blindly OEM

if you put themselves in the position of the landlord, then why do you do farmers do? Originally group purchase network customers, is a business, two of consumers, the network group purchase plays only third party platform, then how should we start from the third Fang Ping stations as far as possible to do their own work, build a good platform, let consumers better access to their own needs, but there are more group purchase net was taking on everything, what you are, but no matter what the business, this doesn’t make any sense, as the third party platform, then your responsibility lies in how to best meet consumer shopping behavior, improve the merchant’s satisfaction, rather than what to do, what do, establish a reasonable consumption environment, each platform need to do their own angle Color, not for others, it will backfire.

third: the pace of development is too fast, big step, easy to collapse,

has many group purchase network to get investment expansion, on the one hand is the size of a people, perhaps they are forced investors to pear, may be profitable soon, but this expansion is too desirable, just a short time, with branches all over the country, what is this rapid expansion the consequences, due to management problems, the rapid expansion of the process problem, enterprise culture and employee’s sense of belonging, personnel mechanism and so on, I believe that only the group purchase website in your heart, if the internal arguments are not smooth, talk about how to give customers a good user experience, talk about what to talk about what the integrity mechanism, employee loyalty, if a a mechanism, process, enterprise culture, team cohesion and improve the company, how could be simple is 20% of the salary will be easily team dug, do not believe you. Try digging Alibaba employees.