Adsense use micro blog marketing ten major points

micro-blog marketing ten major points

in 2009, the most popular word Google is twitter, and in Baidu, the most popular word is micro-blog, in 2010, several major gateways have opened micro-blog platform, with the accession of Tencent, micro-blog is more hot. Its emergence not only changes the way news is spread, but also changes the way of marketing. The first China micro-blog Marketing Contest "guest micro-blog contest" also caused the attention of micro-blog as a new network marketing platform, how to do marketing in micro-blog, and the problems existed in popularizing network marketing Institute Yang Tao communicate with you about the promotion and training experience.

1, micro-blog marketing basic settings

network marketing to improve the conversion rate, the primary factor is related with trust in the previous "network marketing" ten elements of trust, in the promotion of many see a lot of people of micro-blog, no picture, basic personal information without detailed settings, for individuals, as far as possible to upload the real picture. The data as much as possible to improve some settings.

two, micro-blog marketing promotion content


in the promotion of micro-blog, mainly at the relevant link site, promotion is not so are to flow in micro-blog as much as possible to design the content of interest to interact with friends.

three, micro-blog marketing, how to improve the fans in micro-blog


in micro-blog fat content, each of our fans will see, improve the promotion effect, we must first improve the number of fans, should pay more attention to others, to become a fan of someone else, someone’s attention in his micro-blog, should also pay attention to others, to share some more valuable content for the topic of people forwarding and comments.

The use of syntax in

four and micro-blog marketing

between two # in a number of micro-blog keywords said, such as # # form of network marketing, its role in micro-blog as a hyperlink, @ followed by each other’s nickname, is sent to the other side.

five, micro-blog marketing is also monitoring platform

can be related to search by keyword or brand word, pay close attention to this topic, to monitor in micro-blog promotion effect, there is no enterprise related topics, can communicate and interact, is the equivalent of customer service.

six, micro-blog marketing through multiple means to update

In some micro-blog

can bind MSN and mobile phone to update, it will be more convenient and efficient are related to the promotion, is not open around the micro-blog website, or no computer, can at any time to update and promotion.

seven, micro-blog marketing live

because micro-blog has the immediacy of its own, micro-blog is the best way to live cost-effective