Stationmaster net navigation webmaster who launched

a few days ago, Ken saw the top of the webmaster network navigation, put on the webmaster network navigation links, you can see, Admin5 also want to enter the website ( Soon, figure Wang said to begin to collect the site, plan to include 5000 Adsense class website. In the webmaster network traffic basis, it is estimated that the webmaster navigation flow will gradually and ascension. But we’re not talking about the webmaster navigation graph king, and talk with his commander who navigation


1, user experience,

Ken to the webmaster navigation user experience is very important, because this kind of website is the webmaster, webmaster for the user experience is very picky, and now the number of webmaster navigation is also increasing, the big competition, owners can choose more, of course, will choose the best user experience. Ken feel that the home of the station, the navigation of the user experience is very good, domain name is, as for the webmaster home is not fan eldest brother’s station, here is not to study.

2, content

web site content is the site, the webmaster navigation content is of course the webmaster kind of web site. Adsense navigation is to facilitate the webmaster, so the content to all, but also fine. Estimated figure king also think so, so start to his webmaster navigation of your site. Many sites, classification should also be correct, because the search site to find the first category, classification is not detailed, or inaccurate, then it is not convenient.

3, brand + domain name

webmaster requirements for domain name is not so high as ordinary Internet users. But the domain name is also very important to the brand. Well, 123 of the domain name is not good, but a good 123 domain name has become a brand. So webmaster navigation also needs to mold a brand. Stationmaster navigation is in stationmaster network foundation, want to mould a brand, not difficult. But this must be fast, because the webmaster may not use two webmaster navigation, on the other hand, there are other Adsense navigation competition, just as I just mentioned webmaster home, I like to use this station navigation.

4, flow

webmaster nets navigation, I want to flow will be more slowly, the webmaster home flow is not less. From the website structure, the site of the home of the classification page is used in the directory type, you can see in the production process is spent effort. But Ken found that the webmaster home directory URL, webmaster information into ZhangChangZiXun. Web site is very test promotion, and the site is difficult to do SEO station, how can I get traffic through non SEO way, this I want to observe the above two webmaster navigation, should be able to find it.

webmaster network launched webmaster navigation, who feel? Ken, in addition to the owners of the house, then there will be more. This article is written a little late, but Ken hopes to give people who are ready to do webmaster navigation, in the webmaster navigation of people to provide some help