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I: dark horse yuan Zi maternal community founder chapter Li yesterday to the horse community reporter confirmed the news of financing. This financing belongs to "angel round", by Zhejiang venture capital investment, the amount of nearly 10 million yuan level.

at present, whether it is maternal or child community or electricity supplier of the mother and child, are showing a prosperous scene. In particular, the capital to maintain a high degree of enthusiasm in this field, such as the mother infant community baby tree financing 150 million yuan, 30 million meters net financing, transition mother and child sale, mother and child community hot mother to help finance 20 million. According to Analysys data show that in 2011, China’s maternal and child market size exceeded 1 trillion yuan, is expected in 2015 will exceed 2 trillion yuan scale. At present, there is no giant in the field of mother and infant, so this is a blue ocean that has not yet fully compete.

as a sub group of thousands of fish community maternal parenting community, favored by the capital markets is not surprising, however, in the sub parenting community is not on the line has already reached a level of tens of millions of financing agreement, such examples are not many. Why can you get what sub qianwanji in line before the angel round of financing, sub what is different from other maternal community, the following is the sub chapter of Ms. Li founder of parenting community oral finishing:

why give up the electricity supplier of maternal and child, do community

I studied psychology at Beijing Normal University, including many of my classmates and friends. Many of them were studying the psychology of infants and children. After graduating from college, I worked as an analyst at IT for more than 6 years. So there are many friends in the IT field. Before making the yuan son, I did some time of mother and infant electricity supplier. From the birth of my own child, let me contact the maternal and child industry, the beginning of the sale of maternal and child supplies on Taobao, and agents of several North American brands of educational picture books. I did it part-time, but then I lost it and finally sold the store.

by the end of 2013, I was leaving, preparing to work as a mother and child community instead of re operating the electricity supplier. On the one hand, because we are deeply aware of the value of the community is far greater than the electricity supplier. Knowledge sharing and social value are far more important than providing them with goods. On the other hand, as I grew up with my children, I became more and more aware of what kind of people their parents were, and how much they decided to grow up. Also because of their professional, coupled with the recent public contacts in recent years, more and more public welfare activities, let me decide, I want to do something more meaningful. In Yuan Zi APP, the sentence is: "return to the heart of innocence."".

to do this, we still have an advantage, is that we have several co-founder of a group of loyal followers, similar to micro-blog’s V, has a variety of channels, this is for us from the line to line reversal and frequently carry out various activities under the line played a great help.

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