Novice Webmaster Station to take a shortcut to the experience of being cheated a webmaster

Hello, I am a novice webmaster, my ‘407F’ novel station station, station only less than half a month, the station had been in the webmaster website to learn, some understanding of the SEO, not wordy, you should be more like to see my

experience of being cheated!

2011.4.12: my novel station has not officially launched, I learned from the web "pig" Twitter Chinese this web site, try to send the task there, I made a promotion for half a year, but had no effect on the website. Pig quit nets issued task evidence:

4.13: a username: mashunxin131 people to cast the manuscript, and the manuscript after the introduction she is a website editor, after the introduction of her huge resource network (Sina, Tencent and other major website editor, also know IDG investment company), speculation about her case;


I think this person speaks very apropos, and the writing is also good, so she added her by her contact QQ;

in her QQ, she has stated that she what resources, which help customers hype, and let them get the limelight, but also introduces the circumstances of her life, she said that the NetEase in Beijing to work, her husband at Microsoft, through which a person depicted vivid, I am a very determined person, I know that weight loss products my first website has a few pounds a few cars, so there is no choice to put her press release way of propaganda, but still believe this man


4.15: in those resources I realized she was introduced later, I think I can do a good website, by analyzing some of me, and I allow the current funding, I began to do a novel website, then hype, earned the first pot of gold and then do a better service your website;

4.20: my novel ‘407F’ novel station officially launched, I began to also do not want to use her resources, I want to see their first promotion, contact her again a little improvement, so this time I was not of the website optimization;

this time, one of my friends want to hype a website, so I asked her to make a plan for me, so that they can further understand her, she did not let me down, do a website promotion plan (the chain, Forum promotion, Baidu answers, she has do it, and she said the understanding of professional program, 5 hair party) so I further recognized this, then when I take this scheme to friends, he told the network promotion is not too understanding, and did not see the effect before not to put too much, so the things on the first place down;

4.26: I posted a forum on "pig eight quit" on the Internet