The moon after the individual owners will remain active in the nternet

is nearing its end in 2009, but the Internet has caused a great deal of controversy. Relevant departments to crack down on illegal information network, means tough, many innocent personal websites are also involved, but has been shut down the web site. We do not know if this is the intention of the government to combat or tough inevitable innocent price, in short, personal website in jeopardy, but powerless grassroots webmaster.

A5 forum December 17th invited Internet Celebrities Zhu Zerong teacher, to explore "personal website prospects" topic, discussing whether to withdraw from the grassroots stage, personal website is bright bright or a haze. This paper focuses on finishing version, hope that the webmaster help.

: is Mr. Zhu a personal station owner? Did you do it yourself? Did your website have been turned off?

answer: I am now engaged in some aspects of business policy development, and ministries and commissions dealing with more.

: is the Internet currently a cold winter season,


answer: I think the Internet is not a cold winter now, but it’s always spring. Just like last year when the world financial crisis came, there were quite a few enterprises. They felt that the time had come and they could go against the tide. As long as we love the Internet industry, optimistic about the Internet, there will be full confidence in everything.

: Recently, the introduction of the network prohibits individuals registered CN domain name, grassroots webmaster can continue to survive?


answer: your website did not involve Huang, CN domain name cannot note, still can use COM, as an old saying goes: "the living person can not be suffocated by urine", there is nothing to worry about. But a similar policy has always been there, if we continue to develop in earnest, remove some luck and speculation, the heavens are not afraid. There is confidence, there is survival.

asks: "individual stationmaster is in crisis recently, do the website to still do not want to insist,


A: the main problem, or the direction of professional website, I said, is the biggest opportunity for personal webmaster, you do a professional website, not only to survive, can develop better, set up their own company, and even professional well, independently listed. The future market competition, the industry will be more and more light, the competition will be reflected in the professional, such as you often mouth Q: which is the best restaurant, this is the professional value, let you do the best in this field.

: network of "rectification" campaign is frequent and "raging" owners should not be organized "cause"? A webmaster to how adults


answer: now the Internet "rectification", I think it is normal, every 35 years to conduct a routine, but the future will be more and more strict, five hundred million when Chinese users arrive, the relevant laws and regulations of the Internet will be a lot.