To the webmaster recommend a PR method

PR is the abbreviation of PAGERANK. It is a score given by GOOGLE to the website.

PR it determines the GG rankings. But now the PR value of the site’s ranking is becoming increasingly low. But the PR value still let webmaster website as one of excellent standard. Although there are now many webmaster is not considering the site of PR. But there are still many still put the PR value as long the exchange Links standard. Whenever I make a new station to find the link. Instead, the new station. Not included in Baidu. No PageRank. Nobody is willing to exchange with you. They have high PR station. It can do


, let me introduce you to what I want to do,..


statement of what ah, see people pay attention to quality. Perhaps the way you thought. Perhaps it’s because I’m a frog. But since I write out. You can’t see me in the comments below on the%& ^& *#^$& *^& #!) (#@). Thank you.

my way is to raise PR

Now the

CN domain name 1 dollars one. Take time to register his 10 several feel good. If you have a server. It opened on the 10 space. With the BLOG program. Then often in hair articles on the line. Of course to do too much. Don’t support in PR during good. I believe that after six months to a year. You the 10 station PR are coming up. Of course in this period also do not consider what the sandbox ah. What SEO ah. All are not taken into account. You just send your articles can be.


PR, you want to build a new station. What started it. Directly with the PR value of the station to open new sites. Of course this conversion process should pay attention to. Otherwise, K I’m not responsible for how to change the subject. Or go to check out the SEO. I believe many 100 abstruse Cereal Contest website now have the transition can go to learn about the.


10 BLOG. is updated every day. My God. Do not say first. If I put a large amount of every day on the toilet several times. It is estimated that they are written in 10 articles written dissatisfaction ah. Tired tired. And I’m not the occupation is not good.

language editor.

just then, I suddenly found a good place,.QQ friends space… Ha ha.. it’s really a good place. Baidu spiders don’t come again. And they are all original.HOHO. These can make me feel bad. Every day to their space to copy articles. Hey, these save most of the time,.

good. I can finish. I hope that the old owners do not have the blood. Hey! I am new.Http:// station. I welcome the old webmaster pointing. Of course, if there is a specialized company. I want to keep the PR business.