Personal website development needs collection technology

said, "acquisition", when people are first of all a little sense of their own crime, after all, is copying or copying their results, this behavior is not advocated.

but when it comes to personal web development and personal interests, appropriate collection is still necessary.

, most of the personal websites are still operating by individuals, and they are limited in economic power and talent resources. If you want to be bigger and stronger, it’s really an easy thing to maintain the website development by personal arrangement and writing original articles every day. After all, personal knowledge content, the level is very limited, and want to do a good job in personal websites, adhere to the original line of the basis, still need to "collection" as the website second people.

"take hundreds of families for their own use", which should be "collection" of the original intention. As for some people through the "acquisition" technology, the establishment of large database of information, thus to seek economic benefits flow, this approach does all saliva. And I advocated the "collection", is to let everyone pick the essence of the hundred, set the strength of all, better to own personal website do well, do deep, do light, bigger.

, especially when the personal website develops to a certain height, that is, when the development meets the bottleneck, the proper use of "acquisition" technology will only make the flowers more beautiful and more eye-catching.

of course, in addition to the "acquisition" to play " his friends website provides a valuable article " this role, "to establish their own personal information resources" is also considered and need some friends.

personal website, always have the shadow of the webmaster inside, and its hobbies and expertise are displayed inside, since it is a personal website, the existence of the site, there is "for their own use" significance. Especially in today’s large amount of information, reading, reading and mastering knowledge alone can not satisfy the normal knowledge needs of a person. The network for their own valuable and helpful information "collection" to their homes, this is what every webmaster willing to do. With this attitude of knowledge, "acquisition" is totally acceptable.

to sum up, "acquisition" is a double-edged sword, good use is the sword.