Novice webmaster let us together

to this day, my site has been ready for 35 days.

I do not know is not every new webmaster like me, are included in the query inside your site website every day, and then looked at the poor GG included number and continued to zero Baidu number included, felt sad.

Baidu to new sites included, I believe we all know very well. Me too. In these more than 30 days, I have changed from expectation to expectation, from hope to despair. Every day looking at the steady and steady ZERO, it’s almost an illusion. I just don’t understand why Baidu spider every day fifty-six times, which is not included in


but, at last, the miracle happened. Today I used site to its own website, Google is two hundred or three hundred, while Baidu suddenly becomes more than 800…… I know. Maybe more than 800 is only a small fraction for a lot of people, but there was only one ecstasy at that time. I really did not expect, Baidu actually to me this new station included. In order to confirm, I again site a, remove the WWW, found that Baidu included actually reached more than 1800, I directly dizzy.

maybe this time, many people want to know what I’ve done in these more than 30 days. Ha ha, actually, I’m afraid everyone will be surprised. Http://, this link is an article I sent in A5 a week ago, and here you will be able to clearly understand how I feel these days, and I will not repeat it.

finally, I want to say is, I am also to understand today, Baidu is indeed will be included in the new station, but there is a time difference. Some people say that it is two to 1 months, some people say that one month to three months, I also can not tell. In these days, I brush traffic, send spam, send ad posts, and in the end, I do only one thing, that is, to ensure that every day updates. My search for ten thousand travel strategy, only three of my original, and the other is my collection and manual updates results. Therefore, the original not original, we can reason, but also ignore. After all, keeping original is not something every web site can do.

today suddenly wrote this article, in fact, in order to share with you a small thing, this thing is, patience will be included, there will be perseverance will be the result. We put together. Although I do not know Baidu included will increase stability, I do not know which day included the number will gradually reduced until zero, I only know that, as long as insist, what the future will be possible.