The platform model of group buying navigation and business over

recently, a lot of traffic Internet Co began to build buy platform, to attract group settled. But it is divided into two kinds of group purchase platform, one is the "navigation group purchase platform", provides some group purchase site entrance, then the profits and the group purchase site into, does not provide any guarantee and service; the other is "super type group purchase platform, not only provide a simple group purchase site entrance, similar to between the supermarket and brand businesses, all activities are completed in the group purchase group purchase platform, its perfect login system, trading tools and service system.

for "navigation type buy platform", as long as there is traffic can do, and site navigation as simple, so it is difficult to make differentiation, user confidence and stickiness is not high. Next, the main talk about "super business buy platform" features and value.

"business buy group platform" can be responsible for the user, in the end

"super type group purchase platform" is not only to provide group purchase site navigation is so simple, but with the depth of cooperation between the network group purchase group purchase, and the quality of service can be responsible in the end ", similar to the relationship between supermarkets and brand businesses, as long as the user bought goods purchased from the supermarket, a problem we must first find the supermarket to discuss that, rather than to find businesses.

as an example of the more successful QQ group open platform. Users in the use of QQ on the platform of the group purchase is the QQ account password, when the purchase group purchase of products and services, while also marked "group purchase business, but the whole process could not leave the QQ group purchase group purchase page. And those "navigation type buy platform" to jump to buy the network can carry on the transaction, after the transaction, buy platform only charge is divided into, do not provide any protection and service for the transaction.

and QQ have perfect group purchase platform customer service service system, in the "help" in the payment voucher, consumption, refund of all kinds of problems such as unified solution, which means that users in the QQ platform on which both the purchase group purchase group purchase of products and services, if there is a problem can enjoy a unified service providing QQ group purchase the.

therefore, "super type group purchase platform" to meet two conditions: first, users in the group purchase platform to complete the login, payment, customer service service a series of activities; secondly, a unified trading platform group purchase and customer service service rules. Users can also judge whether a "buy platform" belongs to the "super buy" platform based on these two conditions".

to do business super buy platform needs comprehensive strength

navigation group purchase platform "is not what technical content, as the site navigation station had similar network link aggregation group purchase only, do not need the depth and site of group purchase group purchase group purchase website and rules, only about profit ratio can be divided into.

, and "business super buy platform" to buy users completely "responsible for the end", so you need to buy sites and depth discussion of group buying rules, and the "buy site" strict about