Rice and vegetable roll empathy hospital website can also stick to flow

not write anything for a long time, a discussion with peer friends today the development of the hospital website thought a lot of things, just write it down and share with you, also want to make the hospital website, do the hospital website friends can expand the extension of divergent thinking, to think. In fact, the hospital is now doing a lot of network marketing is very common, but most of the marketing depends on PPC, advertising, SEO optimization and other methods, today we are not going to discuss marketing, so put aside for the time being. Many hospitals will appear in a lot of such a situation, when PPC stop putting on, when advertising stop propaganda, when keywords are not in front of, when the flow rate is very big, and some even flow plummet. So, why? It’s simple. The hospital website doesn’t keep traffic at all.

why can’t these hospitals websites keep the traffic? I think the following points can be summarized as follows:

1. website VI design unsatisfactory

most hospital websites do very rough, perhaps because they think marketing is the most important, this kind of hospital website let people open, do not want to see, how can such a website to retain people?. General website template and VI design is a very important factor to attract people, when people enter the site at a glance when not to look down, I think this is not marketing, because of their own website as the hospital products have already failed.

2. site positioning traditional stereotypes

domestic large and small hospitals of many sites, but the domestic hospital website is very old and traditional, some people always feel that since it is of course the hospital website website is to do as a hospital, there must be and hospital related information. Then we come to empathy, especially ordinary Internet users between the ages of 20-35 who will go to the hospital when they have to look at the site, linking out very awkward academic articles. So when we stop putting in PPC and advertising, the traffic is going down dramatically.

3. relies too much on search engine

we all know that Baidu is the site of the "God", but if we only rely on the website search engine to survive, that without it we cannot be independent. Therefore, the promotion of the hospital site should be carried out in many ways, so that traffic from a number of channels to come, so that when we form our own flow of sources, the site will naturally retain traffic.

from several friends to chat, we also put forward a point of view, that is: why the hospital website can not change the direction of development, improve the readability of the website article, increase health information in this piece of the weight of the website, focus on the development of high readability forum. This can actually get those potential patients retain, but once the health information website gives users the content he wants, he will give the site a good reputation and word-of-mouth marketing this popular point that viral marketing, a mass ten, ten hundred. In this respect, I feel >