The 19 year old Webmaster Hang SNS profit is very simple

wrote at night, thinking a bit confused, did not tidy up. You don’t look at what ah. Speaking of SNS, presumably in A8 users should be more than I know, understand more. I was in contact with more than 1 months of SNS, others might also argue that a constant is only 19 years old, "tender point!" "yes, I dare not say what a professional webmaster, but each has its own experience, as long as we are able to put his experience webmaster to teach others, mutual study site believe that this industry will be coming out of a lot of talent, will have their own interests. Today hang for everyone to talk about their own SNS windfall experience.

in many webmaster experience, how can the website profit, must have flow, flow have, want to profit is difficult. That flow should be how to come? Maybe we will say, by search, Baidu. That’s right. Most of the site traffic comes by Baidu.

in SNS, hang coming with you, and not just rely on non Baidu, by traffic, in order to profit. Why do we have to rely on Baidu? Every day for fear of Baidu, afraid of that day, Baidu stood himself to K. Why do we need it? And why do we have to flow high profits? Is it not a small flow? Why don’t we take every member? I through their own case to give you an analysis SNS easily profit method.

must first position himself, SNS to face those people, and then from these people to start, analysis. Websites have to be "sticky" to allow Internet users to visit and want to visit. Just SNS has such characteristics. We’re going to use SNS to make stickiness work better. A month ago, I was able to understand it and install UCHOME in my free space. Everyone knows it’s a good system for setting up SNS. But I didn’t know that, so I wanted to know. My free space is a 3 level domain name, can not bind top-level domain name, in mind, it does not matter. I knew it anyway. No intention of developing this. After assuming the good, take a good look at the function of this system, roughly understand it again, but the most exciting thing is the game inside. I’ve been addicted to it for a week, it’s incredible. I’ve never been addicted to games. Ha)

so I sent the web site to my classmates and asked them to play with me. Then the name of the website was changed, and the default name of the system was used. The classmates said funny, and pulled some classmates to play. I later thought, this is not the same as illegal pyramid schemes. Then I got the name "illegal pyramid selling."".

of course, it’s useless to promote it directly to other people. Make use of the characteristics of the crowd to advertise. For example, I went to college, there are a group of college students, and today’s college students lack everything, there is no lack of time online. In addition to the Internet all day, or access to the internet. And now college students are very empty, and more importantly, all like beautiful women, seize this feature to promote. The effect will be good. That’s what I did