Daily PV million music websites closed down How did it last through infringement for ten years

, the same as may day, you settled down on the couch, eating out, watching movies, thinking about life, and streaming music services. Grooveshark had to end her life for nearly 10 years.


, the company that was founded in 2006, entered the market earlier than others such as Spotify. But the difference is that companies such as Spotify, Rhapsody, and Rdio have signed a definitive deal with record companies since the early days of their lives. The music they provide is copyrighted. And Grooveshark nearly ten years of life, but has been accused of infringement.

in Grooveshark, a small portion of music is copyrighted, but the vast majority of music comes from user uploads. It kept them aloft and survived the ten years.

The "

harbour rule" is essentially a special protection provided by law to Internet service providers. It was first proposed in the new millennium Digital Rights Act (DMCA) in the United states. Port principle refers to real-time monitoring of user generated content to Internet service providers, if suspected copyright charges, or simply delete the shelf related infringing content timely, can not bear tort liability. In short, this gives many Internet products the opportunity to bypass the copyright threshold in the name of UGC.

Grooveshark has lived so long. Although the lawsuit continues, it always takes advantage of the safe haven principle to keep itself from danger. As long as you don’t get caught, Grooveshark has its own involvement in infringing content on the site, and it can always stay that way.

, but it got caught. In a lawsuit at the end of last year, Grooveshark was instructed to direct employees to upload music to music libraries". This puts it in a moment of great crisis. Then, in March this year, the judge decided that Grooveshark was abusing the "safe haven" as an excuse for his infringement, and that the situation was not applicable to the principle of safe havens". This makes Grooveshark instantly face hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation.

then there was a Grooveshark announcement. It has no friends in the Internet or music world. After fighting for so many years, it finally fell down in front of copyright. Grooveshark once claimed to have 35 million users, and advertisers who put ads on its website included Mercedes benz. Now it’s gone for nothing.

it is said that the company has also tried to transform the genuine operation. CEO Sam Tarantino once said in 2013, "look, even if we go so far against the wind, think like" >. "