From network management to webmaster my Station Road

every day to the webmaster nets see experience and experience of others, his writing is not good little hands, the first time to write their own experience of the site, do not know where to start, I had done the Internet technology, and friends in Taizhou to engage in a cafe maintenance company, now has nearly 100 maintenance of Internet cafes, usually nothing okay, but encounter trojan virus eruption, will be dead, every night to redo the system network G, so do the Internet is also very tired, want to change the environment so in March this year, Fuzhou back home school website, as do stand should start from the 07 summer day, a chance to let me know. Graph king, because there are some Internet cafes on their hands at the time, so I want to do a web site music / game / integrated direct set Internet IE home page, so join graph king built the webmaster. I have been engaged in Internet cafes to maintain this one, do not know to do stand, empty hand resources do not know how to use it, according to this situation, I ask the graph king, graph king is a passionate and enthusiastic person, not a call to come and help me, I was overwhelmed by an unexpected favour at that time, in Figure Wang’s help, I bought the picture / graph king game / music station, and a domain name want to do a comprehensive station, but after all is a layman, advertising / marketing promotion code do not know many things, not what time did not last long abandoned. Later for the Baidu alliance, IE Internet cafes are located into the Baidu home page, simple income can also be, now also been hanging.

this stop is more than one year, but the stationmaster net attention has never stopped, which saw a lot of people on the current site analysis for potential direction, positioning is very important, I started later than others, I should be good to choose a suitable own road. I’ve been thinking about what kind of websites I’m going to do, what websites, stations, music stations, /QQ, non mainstream / movie stations / picture stations / entertainment stations, and so on. These are too many people. When global Taobao, Taobao launched a project to see, inadvertently Amoy Amoy promotion, promotion is a kind of clinch a deal the promotion mode, as long as the guest from the area code for goods, any buyers (including yourself) after your promotion (link, personal website, blog or community posts) into Taobao the seller shops after the completion of the purchase, can get paid by the seller of the commission. I think they thought this very well, online shopping is a sunrise industry in Chinese, online shopping is represent the general trend, around more and more people to join the online shopping action, I do this more firm confidence. In the domain name selection, I still like to buy from the hands of the king of the map, this domain name, 4 is.Com, so the next DEDE, every day in the Dede bubble on learning, and some of the older generation to learn. Two months down their station every day also updated a lot, Google included faster, has more than 2000 pages, but Baidu is only included a home page, find some friends to help analyze the Taobao shopping recommendation network (, sleep.