From what know community products meet the user’s psychological needs

before the text, first mention three keywords: community, community, social. Although they have a "society" word, but in essence, the difference is relatively large, if not clear, in product design, it is easy to go to the other direction.

quotes the author’s "Zhang Liang -Leo" as an image interpretation of the three:

community: you, I, he live in the same community, we form a community, although you don’t know me, I don’t know you, you don’t know him.

community: you and I, he lived in three different areas, he is a leader, we are mixed with him, follow him, we three form a community. (highlighting the importance of opinion leaders. Such as: active QQ group, WeChat group will have a great group or the core characters)

social: you and I, he met at the party, we exchange the name card, I found there are a lot of points can cooperate with him, you and I have a lot of hobbies, so I often find him talking business, ask you to go free, this is called social behavior. Such as: WeChat, QQ, unfamiliar street.

simply speaking, the community is content centric, to divide the various topics, users can simply and directly find the content of interest. Such as: know about, watercress, paste bar, etc..


Maslow theory pointed out that human needs from low to high for 5 levels: physiological needs, security needs, social needs, respect for needs and self actualization needs. If micro-blog, WeChat and other SNS products meet the social needs of people, knowing that the question and answer community also meets the needs of the higher two levels: respect for needs and self actualization needs.

this article takes "know about" as an example to explain what kind of psychological needs the users of the community products satisfy.

1. belongingness

sometimes you tuomohengfei with good friends talk about a new idea or share some of their friends face what one sees and hears, and completely get is not in your point, so once, two times, three times, you probably won’t want to share with him. Just like this, you know the user’s real experience:


Like attracts like., Birds of a feather flock together. People are social animals, they need their own circle and like-minded people, they need to seek a sense of belonging. And know the topic function, just meet the user’s psychological needs.

2.; achievement; & vanity;

when you wrote an article and contributed to a platform, it was rejected by Xiao Bian for the first time; the second time it was rejected, so you revised it and submitted it third times. Oh, that you are happy, have a good sense of achievement, and then rush about telling the news around spreading.