Edit time how to quickly increase the number of external links

is just a lot of friends stand are very worried about increase the site’s external links, after all, this circle big, that small is not small, around the railway station, a few friends a little publicity, might get little a few Links, there is no other good way, today we a talk about the practical methods to increase the number of external links.

external links is really a good stuff, can not only bring about a large number of traffic, but also can significantly improve the search engine rankings, so basically is a webmaster, are paying more attention to the construction of the external links, in fact, in the webmaster online there are a lot of articles are talking about how to increase the external links, but to write out the basic there are theoretical things, the bird wanted to stand in a station, a little more carefully analysis, new sites to quickly increase the external links.

recently made a big bird entertainment station promotion www.fansyang.com   two days to exchange more than 30 Links, making hundreds of external links, the number of possible and share the experience of veteran a contemptuous disregard but as a new webmaster, just contact network operators and network promotion, I believe there is still a certain help. Just start right now

one. At the beginning of the site, don’t want to do promotion and increase the chain


now than in the past, 06 years I made a forum, a month later, Baidu light every day to tens of thousands of IP, but now Baidu has added a new audit system, then the Olympic Games approaching, Baidu rarely massive content included, so basically fast flow is unlikely, but more importantly, now exchange Links, webmaster see the PR value, the PR value of about three months to update a.

station now must have the accumulation period, the accumulation of PR content, accumulation, accumulation, the bird first proposed buried in 2~3 months, don’t consider anything else, meet good friends, to change the link lead lead spider, until Baidu included normal, PR also has a website, content, and then consider increasing the number of external links do, search ranking.

two. Link is king, should pay special attention to

on the number of external links, the most important is the Links, not only high weight, but also can lead to part of the flow, in the absence of search engine era, many sites rely on Links mutual support flow.

then, in the exchange of friendship link method, need to have certain basis, first of all is said above: Baidu included, googlePR, website content. Then you need some tricks,

1. search engines to find a maximum site type (usually choose natural ranked first on the line), and then find the bottom plate Links, note: this time not to you the webmaster exchange links, because this may be qualified enough, spend energy to add.