2 months Taobao electricity supplier perception and experience some reflections on the industry

officially Taobao electricity supplier for 2 months, and want to review from the beginning, mainly because now the target is more clear.

first come, originally set is a copywriter, but the premise is to know the company, it is a pressing matter of the moment to be quick to learn about the company before, although familiar with Taobao, after all, not personally practice, so he chose to try for customer service, customer service is the ultimate goal of the work of all.

because there is a certain industry based on LED, but also know more, just for specific Lamps lighting is not very well, so in response to customer inquiries, fast learning and mastering the knowledge of lighting, such as technology, material, the most important thing is the selling point of the mining, after mining, found a common the original

lamp, so good!

do customer service is really very exercise, and experienced the excitement after the transaction, increasing the confidence of the electricity supplier. However, at that time, only to do pre-sales customer service, after-sales service to now do not have the ability to do, and that more test!


in the customer service process, found a lot of problems do not quite understand, and feel the necessity of training data, then follow the customer service of common problem, go down step by step, familiar with the customer evaluation and interpretation, train, reply seller platform operation is the most important customer service, many problems are tangled customer service in this piece, do customer service training materials of this piece, stuck, so I think it is necessary to further study about customer service.

want to deal with customer service, must understand the rules of Taobao and Tmall rules, then make the Taobao deal, what characteristics of each stage, what to do, are clearly marked, is a very painful process to do this, because a to chew the Taobao rules and common problems. Taobao’s R & D team in the trading process design is certainly a flow chart, but they did not open, but a problem, make a reply, so he became a special FAQ page "" Taobao inside, hundreds of questions, because there are a lot of branches, order flow chart, circulation, around to go around, there are many situations, people looked dazzling, dizzy, even my computer, learning programming, see the fog, too painful process. If Taobao makes public his flow chart, it won’t be so hard for our audience, because "one picture wins thousands of words"".

since Taobao doesn’t disclose his flow chart, he has to rely on himself. I will use word, PPT, plus handwritten, first draw sketches, and then use PPT or word to achieve, try to be simple and clear. The book to use square hate less ah, this home must look for the previous computer books, recycled recycling, software development, software project management review.

after a very painful time, sort out the Taobao map, Tmall transaction time, transaction time diagram flow chart, the new customer service refunds on design flow chart and so it will continue to do in the future, because the electricity supplier is very complex.