How to enhance the description of the details of the electricity supplier website description

the electricity supplier website, in addition to the competition in marketing who will know how to burn, in practicing internal strength, business platform in the description of the goods is a very important aspect of it, but a lot of business website especially mall site in the commodity description are often ignored, just do some general description, though there are pictures, are also introduced, but feels like the lack of what, it is difficult to impress users actively but buy. In the long-term research, finally found the secret, that is in the description of the goods, many of the details are ignored, although caught description of the subject, but in the conversion rate, the detail is the key.

1: details of the exhibits

we know that online stores have professional commodity merchandising, according to store space, for the sale of goods on display, a good display of the works so that consumers can imperceptibly increase the desire for consumption, but poor display, let the consumer feel the merchandise is very chaotic, confuse color light to the people, very depressed, not to enhance the desire to buy, relative to the line shop, as electronic mall online is not for their own goods do display design?

I think, in the electronic mall site on the display of goods should be consistent, from the picture of the product, to the commodity price and the evaluation parameters, the design should follow the waterfall flow, combined with the display users browse the merchandise psychology to mimic the content, when the user wants to concern what content, the content can be timely appears in the display of goods, not a leap, this very influence consumers’ desire to buy, because consumers continue to find relevant information, greatly affect the consumer’s shopping experience. Of course, the content of the display should be reasonable and beautiful. This is also one of the main points of concern.

two: the recommendations and events should be followed by the description of the product,

is now a lot of e-commerce website activities and topics basically in all of the pages, whether the home is the product description page, recommendations and activities occupy a space of the page for this, the author thinks that to do so have certain advantages, but also have many shortcomings. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize the topics such as recommendation and activity.

the author’s practice is for hot commodity recommendation and activities, the home was out there should be prominent, it can let users can see this special commercial activity in the shortest time, when the user when necessary, can go in for the first time on this, can enhance the visibility of thematic activities and heat.

but when the user focus first on the front page of a product, if the user clicks on the goods after the goods in the pop-up page, the front page, the remains of the activities of the project page, it will affect the attention of users of the goods, because when the user click on browse merchandise, at this time these users.