Analysis of how to use web bookmarking sites to do a good job of promotion

is a social bookmarking site for users of Web site functions developed in recent years, more famous QQ bookmarks, Baidu search, good network angle, I pick my world ", these 35766 and so on, these websites offer site collection features, it also gives the position of a website to increase the chain, a good place to improve visibility, then simple to talk about a few of the bookmark promotion note:

one, hold on to

bookmark collection is than a volume, a web site is a collection of more and more that his popularity, we in the bookmarks site of the home page usually displayed popular bookmarks, these popular users are very interested or especially interesting website, that is user friendly second, the weight of a search engine will also give a higher. So, when making bookmarks, as a registered member name cannot be repeated, so what you have to do every day is the best registration, with a different member name for you to optimize the promotion of the website of this stick, your site collection will be more and more big, if your site really have content, so do later netizens spontaneously, this will bring a very good promotion effect.

two, be smart,

The promotion of

bookmarking sites must have with you, remember that you are an ordinary users, is to love your own website, so I feel useful when there is a collection of tags, have on the website of the introduction, these should make full use of their own website, keywords, website profile look, this is very good. A user can not repeat a page, but two pages can be different collection of your site, you can be targeted for you to optimize the page, in the tag with you to optimize the key word, the added some key words, such as the collection of 178 lottery network Shuangseqiu channel page so, the label can describe "Shuangseqiu charts, Shuangseqiu lottery, lottery online betting," Introduction: "178 lottery Shuangseqiu channel Shuangseqiu lottery results, online betting Shuangseqiu, Shuangseqiu charts and other services, it is very convenient." Such a way to collect a lot of web content. A member who is best not only yourself to push the site, proper collection of some popular websites, don’t let a person see is to do the promotion.

three, to communicate with

in the collection industry, always want to make some friends, this collection of fans love their most recommended to the users, so we recommend each other, collection of websites and visibility is very easy, so more and more exchanges of active Tibet, he recommended the website, also recommend your site to everyone, so everyone to help you, reach such a state, it is possible to promote the bookmark!

has done bookmarks collection promotion, is a comprehensive promotion, need long-term adherence, constantly groping, the above mentioned a few