How to plan design and build websites

site planning, design and construction, first of all positioning, that is, you put your site as a "media" or "business"?". What is the media, the main function of the media is publicity role, generally used as a brand image publicity more, is the image of the enterprise window. Such as some enterprise website design is very beautiful, Flash animation is very beautiful, mostly some show, in some portal site do or big or small picture advertising. What is business? Business is the direct purpose of sales. It pays attention to the flow and pays attention to the user’s needs. At present, the websites of private hospitals in China tend to be business oriented, and private hospitals in places like Taiwan tend to be biased towards the media.

next to talk about the design and construction of business web site, here only the home page and content page, because these two pages is the most important page of a web site. Why is the content page (I used to call the terminal page) so important? I talked about how to do the website construction of the website and optimize the website.

website home page is the face of the site, and its role, I think there are three main points:

is the first point of publicity, some elements of the hospital, such as the environment, equipment, honor, experts reflected to the reasonable layout, simple does not lose the atmosphere, let people enter the website can suddenly be attracted to the feeling, so people naturally think of hospital scale, is a grade of the hospital, let trustworthy.

second point is navigation function, just like the signpost in the garden, simple and clear, let a person see to know where to go. Important deep structure path, in the home page can go straight.

third is very important, since the site is doing business, so business things must be reflected in the home, because many people will go to the home page information, if the home put some small things on the business role, it is a waste of resources.

I think the possibility of completing initial sales through content pages is greater than that of other pages on the web. You can check their own hospital website webmaster statistics, the interview page is more than home page, or content page more, enter the website is from the home page into more, or from content page into more content page?.

therefore, the content page design is very important, SEO people do not pay attention to the home page, but I pay more attention to content pages, that is, the terminal page. Content pages in addition to the need for users want articles, advertising settings, related content, recommended placement, consultation, placement, etc. are particular about. When most people check a page, the line of sight is generally "F", so it’s better to put important things on the "F" line. "Consulting office" should be reflected in many pages, not only in one place.

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Author: Fang Guoping, now employed in a private hospital in Hangzhou, has worked on e-commerce website planning