‘ve been doing a little bit of work for the past two months

really do stand nearly a semester, and also want to write something to share with you, I’m a very ordinary individual webmaster, below I talk about my two months to do standing experience.

www.kqqku.com March 2008 I officially registered the domain name in Chinese name, bought the 100M space, and then began to do station trip, began to want to do the business of campus is the campus station, small business online sites, with a lot of template ourselves a bit, spent nearly a week (because it was not how to be), then began to run, do not know how to promote, let a friend next to register it, do a few days, feel like a forum, and then went to the online search source, find the 6K forum source code, loaded up, hey, really can be used, but the problem appeared. The forum, and in front of the shops are not the same database, to make a registration can use that, then desperately get database integration, also does not know how to get out. A whole 4 days, and finally integrated, but the Internet to check, even if someone has been integrated well, I once fainted, ha ha.

and then forums and shops have, and thought that the station will be successful, but the problem has emerged, online registration needs to be audited, and many free version of the audit is not with, to modify their own database. At that time, depressed, and bought a genuine too expensive, do not have to put into the station how much money. Let me put nearly 200 blocks off, and then find the cracked version, for a long time, no, (how people sell things will enable you to crack it) think it is, or to write a bar, oh, but he didn’t have much foundation, then see the online ASP code can be modified the database will come down to the next test, has been successful, did not know how delighted.. Ha-ha。 The next day began publicity, I did not expect second days, net friend said my site has horses. I didn’t hang ah, but now I jumped into the Yellow River also wash not clear, there is the original horse, modify the database source code, what is called Yi database changes for the boy, after we do not go to his things, take a horse, I was depressed, and I don’t know what to get, just put station DOWN down to kill, but are linked to the source code inside, not to kill, then the whole station huff deleted, I started a new journey, had a failed experience, I began to summarize the reason for my failure, but it is not the fault of their own, just think.

at this time I saw the thief online, I got a look, scared me, several files should have a station size so that when I fell in love with a thief, I was desperately looking for a thief, then BT thief, the thief steal music, a small software. Lots of literature about what the thief, and my site suddenly up, think of yourself so much also the rest of the day, and then I put all the thieves are hung up, made a comprehensive station, with the words now is a mess > seven or eight