Dai Renguang write soft three experience the pursuit of truth refused to exaggerate

one: writing articles based, publicity supplemented

this is a lot of soft writing writers often make mistakes, because want to add advertising, and not very good idea in the article writing. This is because the writer is not well aware of the meaning of the soft, soft and not simple advertising, soft paper is also very useful in this article, only a passing reference to the advertising, but his center or article after all. As long as the article is more attractive, the effect of advertising will be better.

, for example, we are now going to write an article about the Korean virtual host and the soft text, the audience target for the webmaster. You can write an article on the "Filing difficult," three kinds of contrast from the record of the host, the article will host the United States, Hongkong, South Korea and other host, the host host is free for the record and contrast of justice, from the price, are analyzed carefully and various aspects of performance. From the comparative analysis that South Korea hosts in speed and stability than the other host a stroke above. Well, how to integrate their own advertising? You can analyze the Korean host, citing a Korean server on the website as a case, showing the Korean host speed and stability is really good. On the one hand, very good to the webmaster introduced the record free host knowledge, another is also very good publicity for their own business.

at the same time, the depth and impartiality of the article also determine how much the user is willing to accept the ad information. If the article writing can clearly let the user know the performance of South Korea host is the host free for the record, then the user can accept the nature of the advertisement publicity, so soft and not simple advertising, but also the dissemination of knowledge. As long as the reader benefits, you can let users more trust your advertising, so as to achieve publicity purposes.

two: attention to detail description

in the writing process, possible thoughts are on how to put advertising information into the article, while writing is careless, even after the success of the advertising into the article, it’s careless ended the article, the article makes top-heavy look. As already emphasized, soft writing process, essence or to write articles, so also like all writing, some details of the description, such as the character’s personality, psychological description, the description of details, in order to make the reader feel, like write a qingganshi soft, should be at the time of the psychological, language, and some people move out when describing the details, let the reader to read a text, can be moved.

such as a weight loss product soft, is about a young obese female lose weight trouble on the road, have to lose weight, tasted all kinds of methods can not succeed, finally in the choice of a diet products, although there are a few reactions and discomfort, but finally to lose weight. Such a plot, in fact, the most important thing to write down the weight loss products, but to describe the less obese young woman