How to stabilize the keyword rankings by monitoring site data

has several very cattle "witch" in the United States SEO industry circle, they have some ordinary people don’t know the way the ability to predict the future, it is called SEO witch is because they can through the diagnosis of some data, the preliminary judgment of the site in the search engine rankings trend, this data can be diagnosed the results of the site before the operation is to make a summary, and the abnormal situation on the site, as soon as possible to make a rectification plan.

website data monitoring importance, through data monitoring, you can hold the website trend, if the site appears abnormal, accurate diagnosis of the site of the problem, and make improvement measures.

for existing statistical SEO statistical tools, Baidu statistics, Google, Analytics, webmaster statistics, 51la statistics, Tencent statistics, light Heron statistics, friends recommend statistics and other statistical tools. Choose a statistical tool that you are familiar with and use it to study its function. Personal recommendations only install a statistical tool Baidu Statistics (perfect function is very useful, also recently launched a mobile phone version) or webmaster Statistics (many more accurate data, at the same time, there are a lot of functions to provide data for analysis).

what we want to do is not to install all the statistical tools on OK, but also according to the day, week, month, year and so on.


how to do statistical statements to the site, how to look at the data in the website statistics, how to analyze the website statistics?…

because each site’s situation is different, so the data rules will be biased, I’m here to tell you about the website data flow:

1. first use Excle to do statistical reports

contents: the website chain number, web page clicks, web pages, web site daily entrance included the number, keywords ranking, keyword index, daily daily search words, website traffic, website independent daily amount collected.

2. displays the abnormal data with red label, and analyzes the abnormal cause

, for example: the site is included in the decline is obvious, and then do not have to look at the data, you can determine the site’s ranking fluctuations, while traffic will decline. If not the site itself is the search engine failure, but also may be statistical data error, you can look at every few days.

3. draws down the trend chart for the main data

statistical data change trend chart for reference only, produce their own trends, one is easy to own at any time to see, to do a long time accumulated analysis, we will summarize a judgment standard.


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