nstagram two years gold panning 1 billion five successful experiences sharing

Beijing on April 17th news, according to foreign media reports, last week, the Instagram has a large number of users to share photos by Facebook APP at an astonishing $1 billion acquisition of Instagram, everyone in the team got $77 million on average. Although Facebook has attracted widespread controversy over the acquisition of Instagram with such a large number, it is still a success story that everyone can learn from good experience.

so how did the 2 year old start-up succeed?

1., the correct development strategy, no worry no user!


Instagram is definitely not the first photo sharing APP on the iPhone platform, not even the second or tenth. But what makes Instagram truly different is that it is very easy to use and offers real value to both photographers and hobbyists.

they are not only added some useful functions, more importantly, they also don’t know what features are added to the APP, for example, Instagram would have no time to line, "photos", "through the label classification, find friends and other functions.

, however, the functions they add are excellent. Instagram wasn’t the first APP integrated with a photo filter, but it’s a good feature to incorporate into Instagram. It’s very useful and simple. In addition, the Instagram APP interface is very beautiful, which makes it look and feel good.


Instagram development team also pays great attention to detail. For example, the registration page has only 3 spaces, which require the user to fill out the email address, user name and password.

All the buttons on the

Instagram are very intuitive to use. Without your permission, photos will not be shared on Facebook or Twitter pages.

‘s attention to detail makes Instagram more unique than the other APP, which is important in the mobile APP field where competition is hot.

2. user = $$$$

Instagram is not monetized, that is, no income, no money. But to be sure, Instagram is in accordance with the number of users to the valuation at the time of the acquisition, users and the Facebook value is Instagram, if you want to profit, only after the need of monetization of this part of the user on the line (for example, by Facebook advertising, or by Faceboo>