Girlfriend’s aerobics website profitable experience

Hello, do not know if you have not thought of, people’s ability is limited, only a small part of his love to do the same, can put the site well, aerobics is not my hobby, but do not know how, met a love aerobics girlfriend, so in order to give she showed her space, I decided to help her make a website related to


09 years of summer, catching up with her birthday, make a website for her as a birthday gift! Unexpected that she also love the aerobics website, when I finally did something made her very happy thing! At that time, choose aerobics as the theme of the time, really don’t know what the domain name is good, I always want to use his girlfriend’s name as the domain name will not surprise her, but think carefully, with the name of a person to do what no domain development, of course, celebrities except, we are ordinary people, such as domain name registration was not rational, and then I thought a registered, and aerobics related keywords, then a lot of aerobics and search relevant keywords, seemingly not what keywords, and then decided to choose jianmeicao as Domain name, and learned that the domain name has not been registered, that time seems to be more than 11 at night when the registration, for fear of being registered for others.

registered the domain name, the site of the start to think about what to do? Is an aerobics industry website or personal website? Of course, because time is urgent, after a week’s girlfriend’s birthday, I want to be in within 7 days of the content should be perfected, can only choose one related Aerobics, the information industry is too much, can only put the domain name with his girlfriend who, after all, take the good person, I still have a chance to upgrade to the industry. Then I added some information about my girlfriend and aerobics, what aerobics teaching, aerobics, information experience, aerobics teaching video, etc.

!The day

girlfriend birthday, finally the website has been almost perfect, I told her how to visit the background, how to add content, how to put it on your website to reprint the content of others, how to operate their own websites like SEO! Of course promotion skills I did and she said, she said. I just don’t understand, how to do the site and talk to her, how to make money through the website


the past 3 months, the autumn of 09, site traffic has reached 2000ip! Of course, this cannot do without me silently behind her for her, and she did not know, that website so quickly reached such a high flow, then I finally began to help her apply to advertising. When registered advertising alliance is registered in her name and her bank card, but she did not know this. My life is very low-key, do not say this to earn much money, just really earn money to tell her! 1 months after her card has 300 yuan of income, then his girlfriend that to his card over "