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has been busy for days. Dream cold also prepared almost, it is time to write a more useful and systematic website operation article. Although the article hasn’t been released yet, let’s show the catalog first.

if you have any opinions, please help. Of course, if you think less of something, try out, let the dream cold tidying up! These updates, probably about a week or so will come out, everyone please look forward to


"how to do a web site?"

the first thing you have to do is to figure out the real impact of your life. (the script is complete and you can click on it)

two raises money to make the most basic cost of

three organizational technology, only enough technology is the foreshadowing of success

four looking for business opportunities, the launch of the most appropriate Internet users theme website

five plan the site, in the shortest possible time to make the most detailed, most comprehensive plan, so as to ensure that the opportunity belongs to their own

six production procedures, the use of technology to make their own site procedures

seven security settings, website promotion, we must ensure that their safe, worry free

eight basic optimization, do a good job site basic optimization settings, so as to ensure that the most consistent with the search engine included condition

nine appropriate investment, take the form of multi station cooperation and peripheral related products cooperation

ten use promotion, website traffic can not be single, must be reasonable promotion

eleven, reasonable advertising, to ensure that every ad can bring the maximum revenue, and does not allow users to dislike

twelve advertising station, the use of advertising revenue to further increase the amount of funds, so as to reduce their investment burden,

thirteen final capital income, formed in the user base, the most in line with their own form of advertising sites, the largest and most income of funds

in order to make this work more systematic and more complete, the dream cold still decided to rearrange and modify for a week. A week later will be officially pushed out, of course, I hope you all webmaster friends to correct me. If you have a good suggestion, cool and other webmaster will appreciate it. If you have this information, but also hope to send to the dream cold mailbox.

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