My views on the gateway community

talking about the webmaster class website, we basically will associate with outdated webmaster nets, because they are the grassroots website in the earliest to do. And to some extent, to meet the needs of grassroots webmaster.

, however, has slowly become outdated at present as a forum for irrigation, here you can be keenly aware of. In addition, in the backward, subject to the title of the party is plagued by flooding is also frequent, and content is also tossing and turning of those things, can make things bright, careful less. Basically every day some of the old hands are interactive, for some of the new arrival is not taken into account. At the same time, the experience is new most depressed, make post nobody pay attention to, because a any one subject card (post irrigation excepted) is after a consideration, but also took time and effort. Post users are eager for others to pay attention to their own posts, whether praise, criticism or discussion, should make a statement.

no matter how to say, no matter how great a community has grown, how good it is to develop. The final is still not out of the circle of contacts, you have success today is from the beginning of new member transition support, cannot think the current high popularity, the number of online is very high, a fixed group of users, but neglected isolated new members present. Compared to the same period last year, the interaction between the community and the new people like "gateway" is very good. Remember, I just came to the gateway community issued a question post, cited to have so many people to help answer, give me the feeling that the community is very cohesive, and really help everyone in the community. So I personally feel very respected, at least not let my new person disappointed. Now through the global community occasionally made a post on the portal every day, but every day to get a reply, and do not say praise or criticism or discussion at least many people respond, not let me feel that my efforts wasted. Now every day, N new Adsense to join the door through the community team, the same, I will like I just came in, treat new people.

In fact, like the

gateway community was established not long, why can attract so many members so fast? Every day online number hundreds of posts, the amount of nearly a thousand, I think all this is worth us to do every one station to learn. Online interaction through the gateway community during this time. The personal portal community admission to understand some superficial surface operation, out to share with you.

first of all, that the gateway through its positioning is accurate, that is, resource sharing, mutual learning platform.

second, portal community activities can be described as very novel, what kind of new gameplay, the first interaction in the gateway through the community. Although the establishment of time is not long, but the theme of activities has been over 100, a steady stream of fresh activities to attract us to participate, through interaction, we participate in mutual understanding, here also have a home.

third is the gateway to the community of equality, gateway community is a friendly participation, full participation, equal participation