Year thirty website experience summary

wife said to me 30 years the rest over the past year, seldom go to the relationship to his wife and children, my heart is very owe, now the social pressure to make us more human life, to reflect their own values and efforts.

I as a new webmaster, now has more than 4 months from the beginning of the establishment of the first station, remember on the first navigation website (WWW.773A.COM), visits at the beginning of the site only a single digit, I insist to write soft article every day, constantly to the website to post, after a day now there are hundreds of IP directly enter the IP address in, that there are hundreds of people remember the site every day, this makes me very happy.

now do many newcomers and I started as a stand like love asked how to let Baidu included, how to let the keywords in the front row, I tried to make the fastest 5 days Baidu included me. But really itself is not good content, no planning direction and planned site, it is not included what meaning. If I have a small ah, key words in the second page, but the viscosity is so poor, there is little back in.

I have a few days ago a friend to do a few days is not updated for the first time, but the updated content is selected and chosen. There is also a lot of the original, although the Baidu keyword is not very good, but there are a lot of statistics in the direct input site in the. He the content of the website is to let users find useful information to allow customers to remember your site. But his experience and I almost have experienced the failure of the station, as he is now operating the Qianjiang new city portal, a station is viscous relatively poor. When he propaganda is to through e-cards let Baidu and GG quickly from which station.

to 12, to set off firecrackers, I wish you all bullish, more and more fire site next year.