My opinion on present situation and development of website construction industry

at present, a lot of website construction company, as long as there is a single, you can make any commitment, the price is arbitrary, leading to confusion in the website production market. In the network company website, visitors can easily find all kinds of production site of the price, but a closer look after the discovery is all kinds of, regardless of the price or service, the market is not a unified standard.

, however, is unable to reach established standards. How can an effective communication and mutually beneficial cooperation between the Internet company and its customers be achieved? We do not try to talk about it from two different perspectives.

first, how do Internet companies make reasonable prices and how to provide effective services to customers?

first of all, the Internet company should set prices should be fully understand customer needs, and later formulated, you can not freely quote. You can make some common site package for customers to choose, but the actual signing of the contract must meet the needs of customers, the contract clearly on both sides of the terms of responsibility. The network company can provide the pre-sale, customer service service for customers, we must act, that the promised service must be done innovative ideas to strengthen cooperation. Commitment to high, but low capacity, loss of credibility in the customer, indirectly lead to customer confidence in the entire network market reduced.

second, how do customers choose network companies?

if the customer chooses the network company, regard the price as the most important factor, it is very immature. The website construction that can create value now involves aesthetics, technology development, marketing, network marketing and so on. It is a network marketing system, not just the past homepage design. To complete these work, the appropriate personal site and templates apply station, certainly not satisfied. If customers understand the value of online marketing, find a powerful Internet company and build a web site that can really make a profit. It is important to know the customers that the network company once served.

we know that the website construction industry should get a sound development, and must follow the law of market economy. While meeting customer needs, we must also ensure that we can continue to operate. Because only in this way can we guarantee that the network company will be more willing to invest more in technology, and the follow-up maintenance of customer websites can be guaranteed, and the whole industry will be developed healthily.

above is only personal opinion, there are improper places, welcome to advise.