Webmasters think more change appropriately but never give up

A common mistake many people

is the webmaster, do stand to start, especially about half the time, insist on coming, you can take a step-by-step, if there is no stick over and halfway up, that a successful web site and pass the station.

some things happened recently, attracted my attention, I have a new station, station for 4 months, Baidu included over 5000, but the IP is very small, in accordance with the general practice of the 1:10, about 500 of the IP is, but now the situation is less than 100, beginning has not caused my attention in several major update, still did not see the effect, I think that is what is wrong, my mobile phone is content to download resources, all of the content I are manual editing, the title of the 80% is the result of my treatment, SEO is not too much, are appropriate now, the situation there is a problem, the reason caused by analysis should be like this:

The initial

1. station, the space, often appear problem, when the phenomenon of the server often, half-way to transfer to another website space, is not very stable. It’s time to start offending Baidu.

2.3 months after the start of the 10g flat-share space, speed, and load transfer data is also very stable, when the problem occurs again, the original space using the shtml file, and now the space actually does not support shtml, this is really bad, no way, the content of the web site address all this change previously, included the contents of all the dead links, without any content, this should be Baidu I feel very bad, the station included in the lower site, so any weight. So I write soft text, external connection is not bad, the case began to recover, but to now included more than 5000 of the case, or IP is not up.

3. site friendship connection inside, found 3 stations were Baidu to pluck hair, I actually did not find, dereliction of duty.

the above content, one thing I can be sure is that the web site is down right, down very deep, has connected to the quality of external circumstances, in the case of PR disposable into 2, so the result is really let me sad. I was on a new station, get a domain name in 2004, a three year domain, put on after 4 days included my station, included the 59 pages, there are about 20 IP, I think of it as the station still concentrate on this new station is good, but look at the write data, I am willing to throw? Of course, I want to let the station to continue, so I wrote some webmaster do stand to adhere to the article, the purpose is to remind ourselves, don’t give up to the difficulties, insist on thinking.

now, my choice is: 1, give up the domain name now, restart the new domain name to do, 2, wait for the weight to improve. After very careful thinking, I feel the replacement of domain names. Reason >