The same network the same dream firefly to help grassroots Adsense success

firefly one website support grassroots webmaster

suggests that as long as the firefly only registered in this station once all the landing site alliance. In many small and medium-sized webmaster support, now has many sites to join, membership has reached hundreds of thousands of. Discuz, Dvbbs, ECShop and many other systems have been integrated with one, we will also continue to integrate various other programs, to provide services for the owners.

small and medium-sized sites why the Internet mercilessly abandoned?

Internet has been accepted, because of his interoperability without borders, Internet users can easily find any information they need. This is the foundation of Internet survival. And we are now small and medium-sized sites, each of which is a separate "world", repeatedly repeated registration let people stay away. A small number of sites have reached the edge of death,.

the pain of the webmaster

1., many webmasters are students, or just go into the social entrepreneurs, no money to search system advertising, traffic. There’s no money for more staff to advertise,.

2., small and medium-sized website itself does not have much traffic, and cumbersome registration system, but also very difficult to come to the Internet users one by one and shut out.

3. small and medium-sized websites lack of information, Internet users can not enter, information update difficult. Self update, more manpower and not enough, forming a vicious spiral,.

4. even a small head of a station is not easy to find a good project, but also because of their flow from the moment or not. By the large high traffic on their own to project away..

disappeared slowly he just watched his station

what are we going to do in the face of ruthless markets? Waiting for the market to engulf us relentlessly or to find our own survival opportunities in the market?

webmaster raises traffic, the opportunity to make money immediately,


benefits of adding fireflies

firefly now several one hundred thousand members, and many of you to join the site, the station added one, all the members can login to your site, bring you flow.


flow is an important way to improve the profit and the value of the site, adding only your station can immediately generate profits.


users log on to your site, you also have the user’s information, and can interact with the user at any time, two times to develop value-added services to users.

firefly one long-term sponsorship of small sites do offline promotion

now to promote the site, engage in activities under the line of influence may be more than the network itself, so that the line is a best way to promote the website promotion, but most grassroots webmaster suffer from the lack of resources, has been the only idea not to achieve "