Unlock the secret of the 10 data analysis in the link


webmaster friends all know, an important type of exchange Links, Links is one of the important means to improve site traffic, to explain the Links Baidu encyclopedia said such word "Links is the fundamental source of web traffic, as an important type of Links visible. The pawnshop ghost help everyone together analysis those factors need to compare Links, I summed up the 10 factors as follows:

1, Alexa ranked

Alexa ranking represents traffic, of course, some people say, many websites ranking is through cheating, see this meaningless. There are rankings of the site does not necessarily have traffic, but there is no ranking of the site must not flow.



address for the ranking query Alexa address, can be observed in the world ranking and China ranking can also be Search Traffic (search traffic) data analysis, the system is very large, a good look can English good, will be a great harvest.

2, domain name age (stability)

generally, we will choose some domain older site in Links do, the reason I do not have much to say, we all love stable site, long time can bring traffic to the site. That’s the reason.

3, PR value and Baidu weight (BR)

my request is with their own web site PR value on the line, this can be through Baidu weight query page view, is generally proportional to.


click enter "see below


4, Baidu snapshot

The general requirement for

is within 3 or 7 days, on the grounds that the site is alive, but what I want to say is that it is not the only law for changing friends.

5, the same number of sites under IP and IP site stability with

reason: too many sites, fear of being implicated, this is to change the chain of friends one of the notes.

6, the number of links (links)

outside the chain of this word is relatively large, the number of the chain link refers to our friendship Department, general webmaster will set in 30-40, more than 40 will not be willing to change. But I don’t agree, there is a direct relationship between the chain and the number of PR output values and weights, visible tenth items: PR output value

7, the number of entries and the number of backlinks