Novel giant no matter how it will end at least we have

he, once a global vice president of the U.S. micro pesticide group, is fully responsible for the development and sale of the next generation of insect products at the micro chemical company.

in October 28, 2006, the international novel industry’s Big Mac TXT novel network appointed him as president of China, and is responsible for the establishment of (China) TXT e-book research institute. On the same day, the United States slightly hard paper petition, and TXT novel network together with him to court. However, micro hard company and TXT novel network, respectively, the international pesticide industry and the international novel industry leader, and move the whole body. The lawsuit made him a hot spot in 2006. He is the current president, vice president of global TXT novel network group and Chinese District, to achieve "teen" in the book about the ideal, in Chinese will just have novel career to new heights of mao.

Enter the

TXT novel network headquarters, an odor nostrils, inlaid with tiger decoration painting, is full of all kinds of TXT Books Exhibition corridor, corridor on the walls of the pictorial, gun hole and crumbling ceiling…… All that was puzzling was the whole decoration of the dilapidated house. This house is very inconspicuous, but it is the headquarters of the whole company, perhaps it is this humble, only to make the novel solid work.

dress though, I still have the heart of China,

, in his most recent photos, his favorite is a photo taken in Guangdong, because the photo has a bright five-star red flag. He said, the original micro hardware company is to come back one day, patriotic is our common feeling. This is not a high-profile, only to foreign countries, you can know what is the "Chinese heart", we are not willing to live in other people’s territory for a lifetime……

"strong Chinese complex" is a sentence that people use more when they talk about mao. Just got the most luxuriant, not afraid of death’s webmaster, at the beginning of this year in the face of more than thirty thousand teachers and students of Yale University speech, a student from Taiwan asked him why Chinese back to work when he first sang a song "my heart" China: "although the dress to wear in the body, my heart is still China heart. My ancestors had branded everything I had in china……" And then I said, "I liked this song when I was in high school, but it really was a few years when I lived abroad.". I have always remembered the teachings of my parents since I was a child: don’t forget that I am a chinese. I hope that when I leave this world, people think of me and say, "Zeng Mao did something for the Chinese people.". In this way, I shall feel I have not wasted my life."

just got Mao’s best friend, Liu Bowen, and later told us, "I just got the message.". He had never said so before, but I could feel it in his mind." A lot of people do not understand why Mao has abandoned the high salary of the micro – hard company, and resolutely returned home, in fact, the answer is here. Just getting deeper