Swallow PPTV electricity supplier and nternet content Su Ning how to control

Internet technology is changing with each passing day, and many new industries hope to develop their own businesses with this platform. Think about it, whether it is traffic costs, or user growth depth, the Internet platform and mobile platforms have certain advantages, so emerging industries use this point of reference, you can achieve faster counter attack.

in fact, more than emerging industries, traditional industries have long wanted to hit the Internet idea. Of course, the main representative is Su ningyun.

friends like electricity providers must know that the recent cloud business has done a big deal, that is to spend nearly $400 million, becoming the video industry’s largest shareholder PPTV. Just saw this news, I still have a bit puzzled, because the main force as a business camp, Su ningyun has been in the layout of their own electricity supplier system, Haier, cloud providers, self logistics and the line of the same price, Suning has been the main force to align business network platform development. But now, the acquisition of video products, access to network content platform, Suning and what is the idea? Is it learning Ali’s product chain?


for the acquisition, many people in the industry are not optimistic. Their reason is very simple, as a traditional business operators, Suning’s corporate culture, and a large proportion of the channel line, but also for the loss has occurred and the online user experience just passable Suning, now need to do is should reinforce the core business. Some more friends think that Suning lost their direction in the nonsense, perhaps the current funds are very comfortable, but there is no precise positioning of development, Suning’s future is worth discussing.

however, in the eyes of the author, a series of reforms in Suning is precisely to prepare for the future. It is impossible for an enterprise to pursue immediate immediate benefits and have no future. Rebate network owners believe that Ali do rookie logistics, do social electricity providers, Tencent do WeChat, which is not in the burn stage. However, we still invest again, which shows that the proper growth process is the only way for a mature system. From this point of view, Suning layout obviously has the meaning of ali.

to know that Ali’s attention to the living room strategy, from TV boxes to social products Sina, and then to invest in Sina video, Ali hopes to transition directly from the Internet platform to the next line content. And get some benefit from it into, Suning acquisition PPTV is based on this, with online and traditional Internet brand resources to fight, fight the user experience is not good at these projects, rather than turn to more practical line under the brand influence, evasiveaction for capital is a kind of savings. And from now on, Su Ning’s advantage is still there.

1 line store advantage can let Suning’s living room strategy is more thorough, in addition, channels and self built logistics can be removed Suning in the platform inclusive disadvantage.

2 PPTV own user base for Suning is also a help and promotion. From >