The first record of real transactions in a webmaster network

: I was the first time through the intermediary network owners to do a business, then the unique feelings, experiences and reflections in writing, literary talent is not good, even wrote.

learning, their own big and small is also a small webmaster, hand in a few sites. But the programs on those sites are downloaded from the Internet themselves, none of them paid. But others see the website program, was envious ah, so malicious at heart, invested 100 yuan to the webmaster nets please users imitation of a website, the website is mainly about the talent class.

himself is also the first time in the webmaster net money, please master site, ha ha, made a stick, left the QQ number, soon there are net friend plus me, ask me what imitation station, I told him imitation after which website. May be their first transaction, do not understand the market, I have said that the price is cabbage prices, but not dry. He is confused, 100 pieces for me is not small.

last net friend added me QQ number or 5, a look is an expert ha ha, A5 BBS account number is love13553, mine is wyz7613. Talk about my needs, he immediately gave me the answer let me wait, and then go to the template, template to be found, I said the revision request to him, was in his eyes I was a modified simple framework, I did not expect to be a description, is to modify the whole a template, he fainted, halo is to feel the price is too low. I’m dizzy, too. Is it so hard to change a template? I said, “change your template to the exact number of stations I want to imitate,” he said. “At least $200.”. I agree that he can deliver in a few days. He is also very simple, 2 days, the fastest 1 days on it. Then discuss the question of payment, originally I want to wait for his site to pay directly to him, but I may be too idealistic, did not take into account the interests of others. Finally he proposed to find Adsense network intermediary A5 intermediary, originally thought to find intermediary is very troublesome, very complicated. But he built a conversation, A5 intermediary let each of us submitted information, then I play money to Alipay Adsense nets, after less than 5 minutes to OK, high efficiency to my surprise.

Second days

love13553 soon do frame, then I put some details of the requirements, with more and more of my requirements, I feel feel shy, everybody is the webmaster, do not make money easily, love13553 saw my requirements so high, not dry. I can understand the love13553 don’t want to do, but I use 200 dollars to insult him, I said that I really want to do this station, you do well, skill is the highest I’ve seen the efficiency and production level, we make a friend, when I find you, I am just a small webmaster, I to know oneself is too little, I’ll give you $50. Do you like it? Love13553 finally promised to pay it to me immediately after the 200 program was passed to me. The 50 pieces of website code were passed to me. I would pay after my own server test, no problem