Website has been demoted ranking back several experiences


Hello, I am plump mall editor, recent algorithm Baidu adjustment to allow many of the original high ranking sites have a lot of money, this is more like the keywords like the stock falls again, the original home page ranking perhaps because a small mistake will lead to no longer have the advantage of ranking, hard to establish the website. Optimization of such a long time suddenly second days with no keywords ranking in the Baidu home page, then you must be feeling very depressed. Keywords ranking decline, generally in SEO, there are 2 explanations, one is search engine algorithm big adjustment, two is the website is down right, even by K. The following small sum up several drop right, how to quickly restore site ranking method.

site is down right smart webmaster can find from their own reasons, there are several key aspects, keyword stuffing, the server closes, black hat, filled with garbage collection information website and search engine adjustment.


keyword stuffing everyone must understand some, some Adsense stack repeat keywords to deliberately please Baidu, a large number of stack keywords in the page, hoping to improve keyword density, improve the relevance of pages for keywords, compared to the clever webmaster know this is called “keyword layout, keyword density control in 2%-8% between, but the novice or even black hat is a mess, the escape the fate of being punished.

The original content of

high quality is always the most search engines love things, whether it is the search engine how to adjust all cannot change its love this habit, the high quality of the original can not only satisfy the user’s freshness, but also bring considerable traffic, website construction is carried out around the center, general requirements every day to send a dozens of the original, so then cattle editors are too much, but there must be a general quality, like our station every week 2-3 OK, the content, correlation with the website, when really personal webmaster didn’t have time to take into account, may be appropriate to pay the writer, there is such a thing now spiders, to restore good keywords.

with the search engine algorithm adjustment, the chain becomes more and more important, the high quality of the chain has become more and more important, more and more towards the outside chain is low, the common approach is generally blog + Forum + Network + Q + soft text classification. If you can do with a large number of web portals outside the chain, the weight of the site is immediate improvement, so the site keyword ranking restored.

in addition to the above several common practices, there are several important steps worthy of our reference, this is believed to be more qualified webmaster will. Check whether the site uses the H1 tag, do the site as far as possible to abandon this point, although helpful to keywords, but more harm than good. Does LOGO use the ALT tag, and that’s not pleasing. Check the black hat, chain, this needs to be done every day. Check links, sometimes obviously you stand free, but others have compromised.