Strike grass root Webmaster difficult living environment and lack of independent Entrepreneurship

first expressed gratitude, is honored to express their views on the A5 website, thank you for providing a platform for learning the practical significance of the exchange of A station network for the majority of grassroots webmaster, today we are going to talk about the past two years the grassroots real situation and facing many difficulties.

at the beginning of April, I attended the seventh session of the Chinese stationmaster annual meeting, after the meeting, learned a lot of things, but also know a lot of friends, hobbies and many just started their own business strivers, want to say Chinese network in the world because of the existence of the group as they did before become bright and colorful. But the grim reality, let us have to grassroots webmaster healthy growth down and full of worries. Grassroots webmaster faces many difficulties in the following aspects:

1. economic base determines the starting point. What is the grassroots webmaster, as its name suggests, to the network full of hobbies, to launch their own business owners called for the grassroots, grassroots and non grassroots and no rigorous definition to distinguish between the two. Almost most of the people are in love because of the Internet industry on entrepreneurship do road, these people often have a common characteristic, there is no strong capital behind as there is no corresponding support operation team to carry out effective promotion, a variety of factors contributing to the individual stationmaster often in a very difficult the situation. According to the relevant statistical data, 50% of the personal webmaster monthly income of less than 500 yuan or no income, this group of data truly reflects the personal webmaster, take their own road is very bumpy.

2. lack of objective and professionalism. Remember there is a very famous marketing division said, grassroots webmaster need not do stand, want to do well, basic also can’t do, do is rough web site. This sentence we how to understand, in fact, this sentence points out that the grassroots webmaster in today’s economy as the center of everything decided society, there is no time and no ability to do a large site. Small webmaster should be specific to the direction of the site development, do a good flow, far more than you do many aspects of traffic and very few cases, independent business should have rational and thinking.

3. entrepreneurial passion and toughness is not enough. Every year, one hundred thousand or even millions of individuals appear on the web. There are also one hundred thousand or even millions of personal websites that disappear. It’s also a characteristic of China’s internet. At home and abroad, behind every successful person has a bitter struggle of the tragic history, need to have persistent tenacity can achieve real success. Whether your goal is big or small, has a lasting passion and tenacity to endure hardship will make you really know how to become mature and rational in grassroots entrepreneurship, you need to adhere to, your efforts will not be paid for, sooner or later you will see an achievement of their own.

4. follow suit. It’s like a brisk walk and a quick buy storm. There are a lot of individual owners who have chosen this direction