Talk about why the Chinese nternet can not make Microsoft and Google

rumors of the launch of the gem, of which one purpose is to create a Microsoft belonging to China, but I can say that the gem can not be made, just because it was born in China, this is not the money problem.

China Mobile, there are plenty of money, we all know, the people’s hard-earned money, of course we know. But how to do, in addition to communications in the monopoly position, it is what happens to be proud of, not moving! It is useless, Wang Jianzhou is also very vexed, have so many titles on the body.

made a Fetion, jealous QQ to begin, if it is not within the network send free SMS discount, estimated nobody will use the same 126 NetEase; imitation technology as the framework to make 139 mailbox, not a timely reminder SMS privilege, at least I will not flourish; jealous SNS community hot and mobile Internet, with almost every registered member 15 dollars fee burned out of the 139 communities, mobile wealthy, 15 ah, willing to burn.

As for how these

products, with friends all know, this is some of my own feelings: I used the Fetion with much, feel like a very helpless to make mobile products, do nothing to what a decent VIP member, some helpless; 139 mailbox technology and 126 The funny thing is homologous, even the layout and page frame all the people, the first problem is just mail the speed really is and the snail have; 139 communities? Spend big money to burn out the total of the decent, in my personal opinion, really flattered. I have been to 139 communities for a while, using mobile phones, trying to add a contact, and then left a message, just wait for a long time to show my message, information synchronization is so bad, I can not imagine. Just a 139 on the computer, inbox always show a folder, point in, not seen the letter and can not delete, after exiting, still flashing a folder.. I was completely speechless. I don’t know what the mobile engineer does, but the money is different. China Mobile, strong!


free and open is a prerequisite for the rapid development of the Internet, and now China seems to want to return to the idea of liberation, I do not know whether the decision under the Buddhist scriptures to see more. Many friends say that the brothers and sisters in North Korea are difficult to connect to the net. It seems that we are still lucky. It took 50 years to return to liberation. Say the domain name registration remediation storm, CNNIC under a stupid extremely directive, forbid individual registration CN domain name. With the policy issued, the domestic Internet practitioners of a large number of immigrants, jittery, domain name server domain name server; foreign providers to enter, and support Alipay payment is to launch Chinese page. Seeing the situation is not good, control, and talk, "overseas domain names have to be filed in order to engage in domestic Internet services."". This is not nonsense, as the industry is clear to everyone, there is no so-called record any useful things, not to say your filing system humble, said the so-called audit > machine